Bible Memory Work for Kids (with Free Chart)

What do your kids commit to memory? Bible verses Bible facts Poetry Math facts Hymns History timelines Foreign language vocabulary Spelling & phonics rules Bible stories Nursery rhymes Fairy tales The list could go on I know. For children, memorization comes easy because their brains are still flexible and retain quickly what they see and hear. My kids and I are memorizing 1 John 4:7-10, and let's just say that they had it memorized a lot more quickly than I did. … [Read more...]

10 Scriptures on Rest {Free Printable}

Aside from weekly meal plan posts, this blog has been pretty silent since November. Let's just say I've been weary. I've felt not only physical exhaustion, but my soul has been restless. My to-do lists have become a burden when they should be a tool. The "things I want to do" have been neglected because of all the "things I have to do." Consequently, my temper has been short and my attitude pretty stinky. Right now, all I want is rest and peace, but December has not been restful or peaceful. … [Read more...]