Reading Kingdom {A Review}

My five-year-old daughter has started learning to read. It's been a challenge to find the right curriculum, but we have had great success with her current reading program. I have really wanted a tool to help her develop and hone her new skills and increase fluency. Like most children, Cora loves playing games on the iPad so when I was given the opportunity to review Reading Kingdom, I decided this would be a good option to try. In exchange for my fair and honest review, I received Reading … [Read more...]

First Start Reading {Review}

My oldest daughter started reading when she was 4 and is now a voracious reader. Her younger sister, however, has struggled with learning how to read. We've tried several reading and phonics programs, but none have been successful. While many homeschool moms would advise me to hold off on instruction, Cora is determined to learn how to read and for a child with such a desire, it's important, I think, to do what I can to help her. So, when offered the chance to review First Start Reading from … [Read more...]