Embrace Technology (+ Other Entertainment Options for Kids)

This is Day 4 of our series on "Surviving & Thriving with a Newborn" -- part of the 31 day writing challenge hosted by the Nester. Every day in October I'll be sharing a tip about how to make the most of and enjoy the sleep-deprived newborn days. For a list of all the posts in this series, click here. This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for my information. On a typical week day, our girls may watch one 30-minute video in the afternoons during their quiet time. … [Read more...]

For When You Question God’s Plan for Your Life

Lately, I've been down on myself for not getting everything on my To-Do List checked off. (Am I the only one like this?) I've felt like I should be doing more with my life and have overcommitted (yet again) at a season when I shouldn't have. Why? To feel personal significance (Tell me I'm not the only one.) And the vision I once had of my life seems seriously warped. My plans have been turned upside down, my expectations thwarted. And when your day consists of endless chaos that … [Read more...]