Online Language Learning for Your Homeschool {A Review}

In our homeschool this year, we are learning Latin, but I also have been throwing in some Spanish vocabulary too. When you're trying to learn a foreign language, the earlier the better. I had been considering an online language learning program for our children but have been reticent to make the investment. So when I was given the opportunity to try out Middlebury Interactive Language's online language program, I jumped at the chance. In exchange for my honest review, I received a complete … [Read more...]

Super Teacher Worksheets {A Review}

In our homeschool, reading and narration are the primary modes of learning. We really only use workbook pages for math and handwriting. However, my girls like worksheets just as much as I do, and I've found that when they we need some down time, worksheets on topics of interest are a perfect quiet time activity that they can do independently. Plus, worksheets are nice supplements to check student progress and provide extra practice to reinforce learning. Recently, I was given an Individual … [Read more...]

2nd Grade Curriculum — 2015-2016

Of all 4 of our children, academically-speaking, Kate is my Mini-Me. She's an avid reader, loves history and writing, and has a real affinity for languages. This year we're learning (a little) Latin and Spanish, and she's already claimed they're her favorite subjects. Sounds just like me. Unlike me, Kate is very outgoing, adventurous, fashion-savvy, and fun-loving. She's also headstrong and opinionated, so our homeschool can be a little emotional at times. Still, I can't think of anything … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum — 2015-2016

When I shared our gentle preschool curriculum recently, I described our second youngest daughter as the family clown. That's true, but our second oldest daughter is equally funny in her own right. Cora is our eccentric child. You know that expression, "One of these things is not like the other"? Well, that describes Cora to a tee. She is her own unique person, marching to her own drum, doing things her way even though it might not be the conventional approach. I'm thankful for the opportunity … [Read more...]

Our 2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum {Charlotte Mason/Classical}

This marks our third year homeschooling. It's a learning process each year as I try to find what works best in our current season, but I continue to be drawn to both the Charlotte Mason and Classical approaches because of my love of good literature and the variety of subjects presented to the children. I'll share what curriculum we're using for 2nd grade, Kindergarten, & Preschool later in the week. For today, I want to share what we'll be doing 4 days a week with all 3 … [Read more...]

Project Passport: The Middle Ages {A Review}

If you were to ask my girls what is their #1 favorite subject, you would almost certainly hear: "HISTORY!" For my girls, learning about people, places, and events in the past through stories and hands-on activities has been key to their love of history.While we are still working our way through the ancient world in our studies, I leapt at the opportunity to review Home School in the Woods' Project Passport World History Study of the Middle Ages. {In exchange for an honest review, I … [Read more...]

Homeschool Curriculum for Preschoolers {Review}

Have you ever found a program, curriculum, or book that really made learning fun for your kids? I'm not talking about a mindless video game or an animated TV program that draws them in but doesn't really instruct. I'm talking about a real learning experience that your children are engaged in and that challenges their growing minds to think in different yet constructive ways. When I first logged into the La La Logic curriculum, I was not sure what to expect. Logic for preschoolers? Really? … [Read more...]

An Art Curriculum for the Not-So-Artsy {Review}

Art is one of the subjects that usually gets neglected in our homeschool because this Mama isn't artsy nor does she like messes. Yet, cultivating an appreciation for good art work and developing artistic skills and talents requires opportunities to look at and create art. Recently, my girls and I tried our hand at ARTistic Pursuits' Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts. What is ARTistic Pursuits?  ARTistic Pursuits is a homeschool art curriculum for children from … [Read more...]