Weekly Meal Plan for 1/11/15 {Gluten-Free, Wk 10} + More

I'm a little late with the meal plan, but here it is! I still can't believe this is my 10th week gluten-free. {If you're interested in why I decided to go gluten-free, read this post.} While I probably need to write another post to explain it, I'm about to start a new "diet," not to lose weight, but to rectify some health problems I've been having and figure out what foods I'm not tolerating too well. Unfortunately, just eliminating gluten has not resolved all my problems. I'm still doing my … [Read more...]

New Habits to Grow in 2015

Usually about this time I'm sharing my goals for the year. But this year, I'm taking a different turn. Since December 26th, I've been in prayer seeking God's will for me in 2015, specifically asking: What areas do I need to work on? Where am I falling short? In what areas do I need to continue to grow? Where am I focusing too much attention? Where should I be focusing instead? A lot has become clear to me in the past few weeks. God has been so good and has very gently shown me … [Read more...]