Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World {Book Review}

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. Thank you for supporting my blog!Recently I had the opportunity to review Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane. Usually, I turn down a book review, but when I saw the title, I was intrigued. Ever since Abigail was born, I've been more lax about screen time and have started having some concerns about the influence technology is having on our young … [Read more...]

Great Books to Give Children for Christmas {Guest Post}

Unlike toys that break and lose their appeal after a few days, great books will stay with a child from the cradle to the grave. I'm over at Year Round Homeschool today, sharing some great books to give your children (or the children in your life) for Christmas or any time of the year. From my post: Growing up I didn’t care for dolls or toys at all really. Give me a book and I was the happiest kid on the block. I vividly remember the Christmas my aunt gave me Little Women, unabridged. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Activities for the Family

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more details. Thanksgiving has really snuck up on us this year! As my children get older, I want to share with them not only the historical significance of Thanksgiving, but also the spiritual beauty this holiday has to offer and what makes it my very favorite time of the year. This year we are focusing on gratitude and contentment because, honestly, we've had a good deal of grumbling & complaining around here -- myself being … [Read more...]

Get the Kids to Help Out

This is Day 16 of our series on "Surviving & Thriving with a Newborn" -- part of the 31 day writing challenge hosted by the Nester. Every day in October I'll be sharing a tip about how to make the most of and enjoy the sleep-deprived newborn days. For a list of all the posts in this series, click here. This post contains affiliate links. Check out my disclosure policy for more info. The house seems to be falling down around you, but you only have two hands and right now, they're … [Read more...]

5 Criteria for Selecting Read-Aloud Books for Children

I'm over at Year Round Homeschooling today sharing how I pick the books we read aloud to our kids.  From my post . . . When I first started teaching my oldest to read, we would bring home dozens of library books. Try as I might, my daughter always found Dora or Scooby-Doo books. So as not to discourage her in her efforts to read, I allowed her to check out these books, but I also picked out my own books-- those more in line with what I consider "quality literature." Since then, my daughter … [Read more...]

Our Charlotte Mason/Classical 1st Grade Reading List

As I mentioned in this post about our revised 1st grade curriculum, the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling is playing a major role in how we're learning this year. In particular, we're reading lots of living books. What is a living book? Simply put, a "living book" is a book that makes the subject come alive. Think the opposite of your typical school text book, which is dry, dull, unimaginative, full of facts but not apt to draw you in to the topic and leave you thirsting for … [Read more...]

How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids

I'm a book nerd. Reading is my favorite pastime and slowly my girls are also claiming it as their own. One way to encourage healthy reading habits in children, I've learned, is to let your child see you reading. Even though you may have many (or even all of your) books on an electronic device, there's something about holding a physical book in your hands that provides a visual example to your child that reading is important to you. Try to make it a point to read from an actual book each day … [Read more...]

What “Bible Time” with Littles Looks Like + A Giveaway!!!

This post contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my website! See my disclosure policy for more details. Last week I posted about an amazing Bible curriculum the girls and I are working through called Bible Road Trip. For more details about what Bible Road Trip is, check out that post. This week I want to share how we're using this 3-year survey of the Bible, including the note booking pages, with our little people (ages 5, 3, & 2 years). I also want to give you a glimpse … [Read more...]

A Bible Study for Kids You’ll Love!

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting our family. See my disclosure policy for more info. Recently, I've mentioned in passing about this amazing Bible curriculum I'm using with my young girls, ages 5, 3, & 2. In the past, we have taken our daily Bible study time in several different directions: We've read through this children's Bible and this one. We have used and loved ABC Jesus Loves Me, a free Bible and preschool curriculum for ages 2-5. We have done … [Read more...]

3 Chapter Books Series We Love + a FREE Reading Log

There's nothing more special than snuggling up with your children with a good book. Our family loves to read, but we've really struggled to find chapter books that keep our children engaged and interested in what happens next. Perhaps that's due to their young ages or short attention spans, but we've started and stopped too many books to count. Most often we have stopped a chapter book because of one or more of the following reasons: Too long Too descriptive Used too advanced or … [Read more...]