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The Weekly Wrap-up: Some Good Reads (including my own) & a Few Goals

(This post contains affiliate links.)I thought it might be time to re-introduce the Weekly Wrap-Up, albeit slightly different. I really enjoy reading people's weekly goals, so I'm posting my own goals to hold myself a little more accountable for actually doing them :)Good Reads:Very random, I admit, but these posts really resonated with me this week. 10 Real Foods Women Should Eat More of For Good HealthKitchen StewardshipSince finding out this week that I will probably need to have a breast … [Read more...]

Days 18-20: Baths, Board Games, & a Party!!

If you are just now joining me, I am taking a 31 day challenge to play with my children on a daily basis. I hope these posts will give you some easy but fun ideas that you can play with your kids. It's been a rough week with rainy days, a baby who wouldn't sleep, and a teething toddler, so our "play" has been informal and completely off the cuff.  Giving our toys a bubble bath Playing Hi Ho! Cherry-O--A great first game for toddlersBrown Bear, Panda Bear--A really fun game for preschoolers  And … [Read more...]

Personal Goals for July

Free Image Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos,netAre you a goal-setter? Yeah, I know the year's half over and the month is nearly gone, but I have been thinking a lot about goals lately and want to set some for myself. I tend to be the person who makes lofty goals but never follows through with them because, well, my goals are generally unrealistic, unclear, or not broken down into manageable parts. So, I have decided to start small, take baby steps if you will, to set some personal goals that I … [Read more...]

Days 22-24: Blocks, Frogs, & Bubble Paints

We are on Day 24 of the "31 Days of Play" challenge. If you are just joining us, my aim is to spend quality play time with my kids every day. Some days we simply play with the children's toys while other days I have a craft or outdoor activity to do together.Cora and I had some fun playing with blocks while Kate was visiting with her grandparents. We built tall TALL towers and then knocked them down over and over again. Cora has a knack for putting things together and taking them apart, so we … [Read more...]

Day 25: Nature Painting

We are on Day 25 of the "31 Days of Play!" Challenge. To find out what we've been doing, click here.Today I wanted to get out the paints and head outside before the triple digits forced us to stay in. I found this idea for painting cards with dandelions at Simple Kids and thought it looked like something the kids and I could do together. However, instead of searching only for dandelions, we went on a little nature walk in our yard and picked up neat objects that we thought would be fun either to … [Read more...]

Day 17: Making No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Curious about what we're doing? We're making time each day in the month of July to play with our kids. That might mean doing arts & crafts, splashing in the kiddy pool, or playing dress-up, but whatever you do; turn off the computer, silence the phone, and give your children your complete, undivided attention. You will be blessed!I have a sweet tooth and love to make desserts; however, it isn't often that I let the girls help me in the kitchen. Actually, Kate used to help me all the time, but … [Read more...]

Day 16: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt @ Home

 {If you're just now following us and curious about what we're doing, check out our prior "31 Days of Play" posts.}I am always trying to find fun ways to explore nature with my kids, so I was excited when I found this idea for an outdoor scavenger hunt on Simple Homemade recently. However, I knew giving my 3 1/2-year-old and 21-month-old a written list of items to search for would not work. So, I opted for making a visual list of familiar outdoor items including plants, trees, flowers, and other … [Read more...]

Day 3- Handprint 4th of July Craft!

Because tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I decided to try out another holiday-related craft for our play time together. I found this handprint craft at ToddlerToddler. Basically, you tape paper stars to a piece of white card stock, dip the child's hand in red and/or blue paint, and let him or her put handprints on top of the star on the paper. Then, you very carefully remove the stars and voila!Some stars stuck to the paper and did not come off completely, so I would definitely recommend … [Read more...]

Day 11: Fun @ the Wilderness Station

Last night I went to bed unsure of what we would do for our "play" time the next day. That's uncharacteristic of me, the gotta-have-a-plan lady. So, when we stopped at the park and saw oodles of kids and their mamas heading into the Wilderness Station, I thought I might just be in luck. And I was. Today was "Wild Things," a hands-on, sing-songy class for young nature lovers. I took Kate a few times when she was 18 months old, but for some reason we never went back. Our leader, Miss Denise, knows … [Read more...]

Days 14 &15: Cousins & Playground Fun!

One of my favorite memories growing up were visits with my cousins. We didn't see them very often--usually only at holidays and in the summer, but when we were together, there were many crazy but fun adventures to be had. I want the same for our girls. It is important for them to spend time with extended family, and our girls adore their cousins on both sides of the family.On Saturday, the rainy weather was driving us all a little stir crazy, so we drove down to visit with Daniel's dad and … [Read more...]