The Role of a Watchman Today: Are You One?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a watchman?You might be thinking of this . . .SourceAnd wondering what on earth I'm talking about.Yet even though we don't carry a flashlight and a billy stick, we are all called to be watchmen, watching over our homes, our husbands and children, our church, and even the culture we live in.  For many of us--myself included--being a watchman is not something that comes naturally. So, what does a good watchman do?He keeps his eyes open.He's alert and always on … [Read more...]

When You’re Weary, Where Does God Fit In?

I'm weary. The hours of the day blur together as I go from one task to the next. Mechanically. Following the routine that I know like the back of my calloused hands. "When my heart was grievedand my spirit embittered,  There are so many responsibilities, jobs, and expectations that I feel honored to do, yet I'm so tired. It seems like I'm always clamoring for rest, and when the girls' nap time rolls around, I'm finding myself sleeping too. Guilt sets in as I realize I should be using those … [Read more...]

for when you want to escape

 Yesterday, I read this quote with a smile. "Amen, sister!" I thought. But when I re-read it today, I got angry. No one would take a nap. The baby had been screaming all morning. The preschooler's antics were simply enervating. I'm tired. My husband had been working all weekend, and I felt like I hadn't had a moment to exhale. Every ounce of my being was screaming, "But I need a break! I deserve some peace and quiet! My family is driving me crazy! When do I get some me time?!" And I'm throwing a … [Read more...]

What to Do When You Feel Entitled : 5 Tips to Tackle Discontent

For the past two weeks I have been sharing my thoughts on entitlement, specifically addressing how we need to battle entitlement in our homes and change our attitudes about what "I deserve."Today I want to share a few ways I'm trying to move away from this "entitled" attitude I've adopted because, as I mentioned last week, if I expect my children to have a realistic view of life and not expect everything to be handed to them or that they should always go first, then I have to begin with me. I … [Read more...]

When I Feel Like I Deserve ___________

Last week I stood on my soapbox, preaching on the war we must wage in our homes against entitlement. It's a battle that requires continual attention and constant work. If we hope to raise humble, grateful, count-your-many-blessings children, then we have to be proactive; we must have a plan; and we need direction. Why? Because this world we live in does not extol self-denial. Yet, as Christians, we are called by Christ to do that very thing if we intend to follow Him.This week I want to share … [Read more...]

Battling Entitlement in Our Homes

"Mom, give me some gum." "Gimme a piece of candy." "I need a cracker." "Can I have something to drink?" Every.single.time we get in the car those are the very first words out of my children's mouths. We haven't pulled out of the driveway even, and they're asking for something. Sure, I'm at least partly to blame. I have acquiesced so many times that they've become conditioned to expect those things, so when I say "no," they don't understand.And when they hear no from me, they cry and whine and … [Read more...]

Dear Single Woman, On Mother’s Day & Every Day . . .

Photo CreditDear Single Woman, I know you. Not too many years ago, I was you: A single woman in her 20s who'd recently finished college, had a decent job, plenty of social activity, and everything going for her. Except one thing.Marriage was first and foremost in my mind, too, largely because it seemed to be expected of me. At one point, in a moment of desperation, I seriously considered a proposal from someone I knew was not right for me. But thank you, Jesus, for giving me the courage to say … [Read more...]

To Be Brave For Our Daughters

To Be Brave is . . . Acting when it's easier & safer to run & hideWhen I'm brave I don't worry about the minutiae of my day. I don't get pulled down by Satan's power-hungry grasp. I stand firm, resolved to move forward and keep my two awkward feet in motion.One step at a time. Forward. Go!When I'm brave my focus is on the One who fills me with strength, courage, & resolve. I have determined to follow Him, resist the devil, and tell the god of lies to "flee from me." I step over the carcasses of … [Read more...]

When Our Anger Isn’t Under Control

I never remember being angry as a child. When I was a teenager, I never really rebelled in the true sense of the word. As an adult, there have been moments of frustration, but anger? Not really.Something happened after our first born child arrived. All of a sudden this quality I had never really known or experienced started veering its ugly head.For the first time, I started really losing my cool. I began to yell, throw, kick (not the kids), even curse. Mama threw some mean temper tantrums, and … [Read more...]

For When You Feel Consumed

Photo Credit: traqair57What consumes you? When you wake up in the middle of the night, what's racing through your mind? Do you find yourself wondering... How can I make more money?What can I do to win a particular person's love and approval?How can I grow my blog to increase my readership? When will I be happy again?Does my husband still love me? How will we afford Christmas gifts for everyone?What more can I do for my kids? How can I get more people to like me?What can I do to protect myself … [Read more...]