Love Letters to Your Man: Tell Him Why You Love Him + Free Printable Hearts

Last year I created this Love Letter Scavenger Hunt for my husband. To simplify things this year, I created a template heart so all I have to do is print, cut out, and write a "love letter" on the opposite side of each one. Then, each morning, I sneak a love letter heart into my hubby's wallet, his pants or coat pocket,or his lunch so he's sure to find it some time during the day. Who doesn't like to hear what you love about them? I know I do. This love letter scavenger hunt is a fun, … [Read more...]

When Doubt Creeps in & Guilt Overwhelms You {Free Printable}

The past two weeks I've been consumed with guilt. Illness has left me lying on the couch or in bed while my children watch way too much "Scooby-Doo" and the toddler eats her weight in fruit snacks. And guilt that the house is falling to shambles, that I can't homeschool today, that my husband has to come home after a long day at work to fix dinner and clean up, that the responsibilities I've signed up for are being neglected --  all of it has completely paralyzed me. When your life … [Read more...]

Goal Setting: How Do You Get Started?

Today marks the beginning of my series on goal-setting. For more information, read this post. So, it's a new year and you're ready to do some self-improving. How do you get started? What do you need to do? This post will discuss the in's and out's of goal-setting -- what goals are, why you need them, the kinds of goals you should be making, & how best to achieve them. Let's get started. What are Goals & Why Do You Need to Make Them? We all have different reasons for making goals. … [Read more...]

Best Books of 2013

While I don't think any of these books were actually written in 2013, these are my favorite books read this past year. I hope you will find something new & fun to add to your reading list for 2014. Large Family Logistics: The Art & Science of Managing the Large Family by Kim Brenneman One word: Revolutionizing. Not just for the "large family" but filled with strategies and homemaking ideas that will change how you run your household. Highly recommended. Anna Karenina by Leo … [Read more...]

My Goals to Grow in 2014

Can you believe it's already the end of 2013?! I can. not. But I'm excited for 2014 and the prospects that a new year always brings: fresh starts, do-overs, a clean slate, a brand new calendar, possibility, hope. He who made a way through the sea, A path through the mighty waters, 'Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:16, … [Read more...]

My Favorite Posts of 2013

With the new year fast approaching, here's a round-up of my favorite posts of 2013. It's been a year of husband-wooing, fresh starts with homeschooling, and -- probably related to the former -- struggles with Mommy anger. Also I wrote a mini-series on battling entitlement with my children and how to create a library of good children's books. Enjoy! January 7 Ways to Edify Our Husbands + 3 Words of Caution A Fun Way to Show Him You Love Him: Create a Love Letter Scavenger … [Read more...]

Got Goals? | “Finish with Success in 2014”

When December 26th arrives, I'm doing three things: (1) taking down all the Christmas decorations, (2) de-cluttering, and (3) making plans for the New Year. Last year I made 6 personal goals and kept 4. This year I want to finish all my goals with success, but as I learned last year, I need a plan. How about you? Do you make goals or resolutions for a new year or a new month or week? Or, like me, do you make them but never seem to follow through? Then this series is for you! This year … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from the Tidwells + What’s in Store for 2014

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas, and I will be taking a blogging break to enjoy time with my family. I'll be back later this week but wanted to leave you with a recap of my latest posts + news about a little of what you'll be seeing on Growing in His Glory in 2014 + a family Christmas picture for your viewing pleasure :) Recap of latest posts In case you've missed them, here are my most recent posts: 7 Time Management Tips for a Joyful Christmas Dress-up Gifts for Children {Unique Ideas for … [Read more...]

Create Memories with these Gift Ideas for Children

As a child, my fondest gifts were those that involved either one or both of my parents. Perhaps that was because my love language was quality time, but I have vivid memories of attending a New Kids on the Block concert for my 10th birthday {yeah, I know} , of going to many Atlanta Braves baseball games, of trips out-of-state, and seeing plays like Cats, Les Miserables, and The Lion King on Broadway, all with my family. Even simple experiences like going fishing or playing softball and soccer … [Read more...]

10 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes: Start a New Family Tradition

Traditions. I have fond childhood memories of Christmas time, most of which center around food--particularly sweets. Both of my grandmothers were excellent cooks: 1 for her cakes & pies, the other is still known for her Christmas candies. My mom is also a culinary extraordinaire, which leaves me without a chance. I can either carry on the family tradition in some small way or drop the ball. I want to preserve our family's longstanding tradition of cooking excellence and start a new … [Read more...]