A Thanksgiving Message . . . We Have Work to Do

This morning in my quiet time the Lord brought to my mind how truly blessed I am. Fitting, I know, since today is Thanksgiving. But not only do I experience all the necessities of life, but I have family, friends, safety, monetary abundance, good health, and most importantly, salvation. How many people in this world can boast of all that? This life is not easy for so many who face oppression, sickness, and injustice, but for those of us who only see glimpses of those struggles, the Lord … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Week 2015 Meal Plan & More

As soon as Halloween ends, the busyness of the holidays commences around here. Do you feel the same way? There are gatherings with family and friends in anticipation of Thanksgiving, then the Big Day, and the day after, we start to prepare for Christmas and prepare all our baking needs, gift lists, holiday pictures, decorations, and more, and on and on. My goal this year is to step off the action-packed ride that we're supposed to be enjoying and focus on what's truly important. Hint: It isn't … [Read more...]

Free Printable: “I’m Thankful For…” Cards

Thank you for visiting Growing in His Glory! Thanksgiving is just days away, and to show you, my sweet readers, how grateful I am for YOU, I'm sharing a free printable of "I'm Thankful For..." cards with you. The idea for these "I'm Thankful For..." cards came out of my recent post on Thanksgiving activities for the family. My aim is to share them with my family this year in hopes of focusing our thoughts on what we're grateful for instead of just stuffing our faces with (yummy) … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Day Books for Children

I'm over at Year Round Homeschooling today sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day books for children. Here's an excerpt from my post: Every year I anticipate Thanksgiving. It's easily my favorite holiday of the year because of the message of thankfulness and gratitude it brings forth -- qualities my husband and I are trying to instill in our children. Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to share with our children the early history of our nation's birth with the arrival of the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Activities for the Family

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more details. Thanksgiving has really snuck up on us this year! As my children get older, I want to share with them not only the historical significance of Thanksgiving, but also the spiritual beauty this holiday has to offer and what makes it my very favorite time of the year. This year we are focusing on gratitude and contentment because, honestly, we've had a good deal of grumbling & complaining around here -- myself being … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursdays: 4th & Final Week + an Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and welcome to the final week of Thankful Thursdays. I'm joining Gabby of Mama Gab and Caroline of Anchored in His Grace to share how the Lord has blessed us each week. It's about being conscious of the gifts our Heavenly Father gives us and thanking Him for His goodness and love. Feel free to share in the comments how God has blessed you lately. 7 {More} Things I'm Thankful for This Week Let's keep counting . . .   22 After our 10K in … [Read more...]

When There Doesn’t Seem Like Much to be Thankful For

When I was in my twenties, I had what I like to call my first midlife crisis. Having recently graduated from college with no real marriage prospects, I felt lost. The natural progression of events in my mind was: college - marriage - children. But the Lord had other plans for me. Those plans, however, did not mesh with mine. So, I rebelled. Instead of trusting in God's providential plan for my life, I took it upon myself to forge my own future, one that involved love, happiness, and pursuit of … [Read more...]

Gobble, Gobble!: 10 Tips to Eat Healthy this Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie, turkey & dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, and I could go on. If that list of Thanksgiving delectables doesn’t make your mouth water, then I don’t know what will. The holidays can be a daunting time for eating healthy with so many tantalizing foods around, but it doesn’t have to be. You want to enjoy Thanksgiving, not feel guilty for all the food you've eaten. So, in David Letterman form, here are my top 10 tips for enjoying … [Read more...]