7 Time Management Tips for a Joyful Christmas

There's nothing slow about December. Finding time to take a shower is tricky with all the flurry of activities the holidays bring. Time can become your biggest enemy during the holiday season. If you let it. Last week, Time and I duked it out. A lot. I burned the candle at both ends, and, yes, I suffered the consequences. I struggled with my attitude toward my family. I drank way too much caffeine. I overindulged in bad foods. I let important things--like my prayer time--slide. And, of … [Read more...]

for when you want to escape

 Yesterday, I read this quote with a smile. "Amen, sister!" I thought. But when I re-read it today, I got angry. No one would take a nap. The baby had been screaming all morning. The preschooler's antics were simply enervating. I'm tired. My husband had been working all weekend, and I felt like I hadn't had a moment to exhale. Every ounce of my being was screaming, "But I need a break! I deserve some peace and quiet! My family is driving me crazy! When do I get some me time?!" And I'm throwing a … [Read more...]

What to Do When You Feel Entitled : 5 Tips to Tackle Discontent

For the past two weeks I have been sharing my thoughts on entitlement, specifically addressing how we need to battle entitlement in our homes and change our attitudes about what "I deserve."Today I want to share a few ways I'm trying to move away from this "entitled" attitude I've adopted because, as I mentioned last week, if I expect my children to have a realistic view of life and not expect everything to be handed to them or that they should always go first, then I have to begin with me. I … [Read more...]

When I Feel Like I Deserve ___________

Last week I stood on my soapbox, preaching on the war we must wage in our homes against entitlement. It's a battle that requires continual attention and constant work. If we hope to raise humble, grateful, count-your-many-blessings children, then we have to be proactive; we must have a plan; and we need direction. Why? Because this world we live in does not extol self-denial. Yet, as Christians, we are called by Christ to do that very thing if we intend to follow Him.This week I want to share … [Read more...]

When Being Discontent is Good

Jennie Allen's book Anything has stirred up some serious internal questions in me recently. I've been grappling for a while with feeling different, not fitting in, feeling like I can't relate to my friends any more. At first, I chalked it up to discontent. I'm in a different place than most people I know: choosing to homeschool has distanced me from friends who are sending their kids to local public schools. I don't invite people over for play dates or dinner because our house is small, and we … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Edify Our Husbands + 3 Words of Caution

Recently, I posted on my one word for 2013. As I consider how to live a life of complete surrender to Jesus, I realize that every aspect of my life--from my relationship to my husband and kids to the completion of my to-do list--must be fully and completely given over to Him. In anticipation of Valentine's Day, I want to spend some time really focusing on my husband and showing him the respect, attention, and affection he deserves. I will be participating in Women Living Well's "Be My … [Read more...]

Surrender: To Be Salt in a Low-Sodium World

If I had to pick one word for 2013, it would be "surrender." It's a word that lays heavily on my heart because of its expectations: selflessness, humility, submission, and great strength of character. These are qualities that, honestly, I don't often exhibit.To surrender our lives to Christ means something different for every Jesus follower:It's giving up control in areas we have a tight grip on; It's avoiding temptations that threaten our walk with the Lord; It's turning over fear, worry, … [Read more...]