10 Scriptures on Rest {Free Printable}

Aside from weekly meal plan posts, this blog has been pretty silent since November. Let's just say I've been weary. I've felt not only physical exhaustion, but my soul has been restless. My to-do lists have become a burden when they should be a tool. The "things I want to do" have been neglected because of all the "things I have to do." Consequently, my temper has been short and my attitude pretty stinky. Right now, all I want is rest and peace, but December has not been restful or peaceful. … [Read more...]

Finding Rest For Our Souls

Rest. "And ye shall find rest unto your souls."Ahhh.....Physical rest is a blessing at the end of a maddening day. To be able to prop my feet up, kick back, and relax with a book is heaven on earth. Especially when I've been knee-deep in stinky diapers, puzzle pieces, and baskets of laundry to be folded (I love washing the clothes but hate folding and putting them away). But spiritual rest--the rest that comes only through the blood of the Lamb--is perfect bliss. It's comfort in knowing that I … [Read more...]

How to Pursue Peace this Christmas: 10 Ideas

 As we continue in our series "In Pursuit of Peace," Christmas is only three weeks away. I admit that I have already given in to frustration, anxiety, and stress, and the month is still young! There's so much to do at Christmas time, in addition to all the everyday chores, that it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters this time of year.Christmas can easily become a time of stress and misery if we let it. That's why we must make a proactive choice to pursue peace.Photo Credit: Milele 10 Ways … [Read more...]

Pursuing Peace Week 4: 10 Ways to Live at Peace with Others

As we enter the 4th week in our series on Pursuing Peace, I realize December is fast upon us. My calendar is filling up fast with all the Christmas programs, parties, and get-togethers. Peace is hard to imagine in the midst of SO MUCH going on. And yet, as I read God's Word and examine what He has to say about "peace," I am convicted by the number of times He tells us to live in peace."...Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will … [Read more...]

Pursuing Peace Week 3: 5 Tips for a More Peaceful Holiday Shopping Experience

It's already started.The honking, the name calling, the tailgating, the finger pointing, arms flailing, traffic jams everywhere you go.You know the holiday season is upon you when people all around you are suddenly in a BIG hurry.I'm that person a lot of the times. Ask my husband.But this season I am resolving to...Slow down.Keep my cool.Relax.Enjoy this time of year.I don't want to get caught up in all the commotion, the stress, the rush, rush, rushing around.I want peace.What about you? I want … [Read more...]

Pursuing Peace Week 2: Submitting Our To-Do Lists to the Lord

To-do lists spill off my nightstand and on to the floor.Anxious thoughts overwhelm me: "How will I ever get it all done today?"Fear sets in as I make yet another to-do list.Peace seems nowhere in sight.The truth is that even though crossing items off my to-do list feels rewarding, it does not give peace. Instead, with each new day comes a brand new to-do list, and the roller coaster ride commences again. I am lurched to and fro by unforeseen events--a sick child, no clean underwear {how did that … [Read more...]

"Pursuing Peace" Week 1: What is Peace?

Today marks the beginning of our series on Pursuing Peace. My aim is to encourage a spirit of peace and harmony in our homes as we begin to enter the stressful and chaotic holiday season that is now upon us.What is peace?A worldly definition of peace is "a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict and the freedom from fear of violence."But the Hebrew word for peace--shalom--has a much more complex meaning. Instead of simply freedom from war or conflict, shalom actually means … [Read more...]

Pursuing Peace: A Series to Help Us Enjoy the Holiday Season

Peace. Just saying the word brings a sense of calm over me. My shoulders relax, my heart rate slows down, and the whirlwind of mental activity fizzles. Say it again.Peace.It's what has been missing in our home lately. We've had a lot of changes: a new baby, a new job, then a return to an old job, the start of preschool,new Bible study classes, a nice long vacation, anda few birthdays. And, for me, change brings unrest, disharmony, and a general feeling of discontent and anxiety because I don't … [Read more...]