Jan/Feb 2016 Books We’ve Been Reading

Winter is my favorite season for reading. There's just nothing like snuggling up with a hot mug of coffee and a page-turner. This winter has been colder than usual here in Tennessee, and while my kids watch their fair share of "Wild Kratts," they're also spending quite a bit of time with some good reads. Weekly library trips, daily read-aloud times, "the quiet reading hour", and assigned books are just a few ways we make reading in our home a priority. And the rule is that Mama reads too. No … [Read more...]

What We Read in September

Fall is officially here. We're in our third month of school. And the weather is definitely cooling off around here in Tennessee. While we got off to a great start with our school year, I'm feeling compelled to slow down. In September, we didn't read as many books as I would have liked, so I'm planning to snuggle down and read more together in October because providing my children with rich ideas to feast on is so important. Here's what we read in September: Read-Aloud We have gotten … [Read more...]

How Making Time for Ourselves Benefits Our Families (& why we should do it)

When my firstborn was a toddler, a friend who had 2 little ones at the time commented that now, with kids, her interests had essentially been replaced by theirs. Those things that had once been her dreams she was giving up -- at least for a time -- in order to help her children pursue theirs. At the time I was appalled by her statement and, in my arrogance, challenged her on it. Despite the fact that she had not asked for my opinion, I shared my "wisdom" with her, and as you can imagine, did … [Read more...]

How to Learn Piano at Home {Review}

I have fond memories of learning how to play the piano when I was a little girl. I was fascinated with music. Still am. However, at the time I was not keen on sitting still and practicing, and I didn't progress very far at all. Now, 30 years later, I'm yearning to cultivate more creativity in my life and to engage in the arts as a means of self-education. However, life is busy with lots of little ones so I have to be selective with my time. Online piano lessons are one way I am making time … [Read more...]