A Quick & Simple (but Healthy) December Meal Plan

December is a notoriously busy month for most of us. Between last minute gift-buying and holiday functions, shopping and baking, wrapping and decorating, there's little time left for all the everyday chores of cleaning, cooking, and laundry. So it's easy to skip meal planning and order pizza. Every once in a while take-out might be the sanity saver you need, but it's hard on the wallet and one's health. Having a meal plan in place can help tremendously during the busy holiday season. (If you … [Read more...]

October Meal Plan

I'm a meal planner. While a weekly meal plan is usually my go-to, I'm finding that planning meals for the month frees up my time during the week. I know some people prefer to be spontaneous, but that doesn't work for me. I enjoy cooking but need a plan or else when 5:00 rolls around, I lose my cool. It's not pretty. Usually, I plan meals for the week. On Friday afternoons, I sit down with my computer and family cookbook and look at what's on sale at the local grocery store. Then, I plan … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Meal Plan for March 13

This week is pretty low-key, which I need. The weekends lately have been a little more intense than I would like because of these beauties . . . There's fencing that needs going up and fixing and other a sundry "cow things". But I admit that I'm quite smitten with these mamas and their babies. No worries, I'm not naming them or feeding them special treats because they are being raised for food. Anyway this week is the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville, and I am so thankful … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Meal Plan for the Week of February 28

It's been quite a while since I last posted our weekly meals on here, but meal planning is essential to my sanity. I hate waiting until the last minute to decide what to fix. Spontaneity is NOT my thing. But when I have a plan, I'm more relaxed, we eat healthier, and we save money. So taking 20 minutes every Friday to plan our week's meals is a no-brainer for me. Here is our gluten-free meal plan for the week. {FYI: I prepare all of our meals sans gluten, so even if I post a recipe containing … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Week 2015 Meal Plan & More

As soon as Halloween ends, the busyness of the holidays commences around here. Do you feel the same way? There are gatherings with family and friends in anticipation of Thanksgiving, then the Big Day, and the day after, we start to prepare for Christmas and prepare all our baking needs, gift lists, holiday pictures, decorations, and more, and on and on. My goal this year is to step off the action-packed ride that we're supposed to be enjoying and focus on what's truly important. Hint: It isn't … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan for 7/26-8/1

This week is our last full week before we start back to school. We'll be spending time with friends and having some fun before we resume our regular schedule. You know, the one with structure. I will be sharing our 2015-2016 curriculum for our 2nd grader, kindergartener, and preschooler this week. We're making some changes that I'm really excited about. Cora finished her t-ball season last Saturday. She really enjoyed playing with One Goal Sports, but I'm glad we're finished. I don't like … [Read more...]

The Weekly Meal Plan: The Looney Bin Edition

Well, I hope you had a happy 4th! Despite the rain the girls enjoyed their first fireworks show and their first time to stay up until 10:00! Needless to say they had a blast but will be recouping on their sleep for the next 2 months. Sorry, I'm a sleep nazi, but when kids are rested, they are enjoyable and agreeable. When they are tired, they're whiney and prone to even more drama. Bring on the early bed times! This week we are making up t-ball games, doing some gymnastics, and trying to … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan + Books We’ve Been Reading

This past week we embarked on our first week of Summer Learning, complete with creating an earthworm farm, traveling through the Middle Ages, some art, and lots of reading. Books the Kids Are Reading We finished a really fun book called Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle during read-aloud time, and read a few books for our Summer Reading Challenge. We're really into those Magic Tree House books: Kate reads 2 or 3 a day! At the library this week, she chose a biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder, parts of which … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan for June 21-27

Today is Father's Day, and I just need a minute to offer my thankfulness. God has blessed me with a father who loves Him and daily pursues His will. Through service to others, through wise words and Godly counsel, through generosity and love, in so many ways, my dad is a living example of my heavenly Father. God has also blessed me with an amazing husband who has grown leaps and bounds over the years into a man much like my father. He is gentle, loving, selfless, generous with his time … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan for June 14-20

Well, we "finished" school this past week. I say "finish" because we school year round and never stop for longer than a week or two. However, last year I realized that not having an official start/stop date created some problems. So June 10th was Kate's last day of 1st grade. We will take a 2-week break and then resume some light studies through the end of June and July, starting back up with our new curriculum and a rising second grader and kindergartener in August. (I will share later this … [Read more...]