Weekly Meal Plan {4/27-5/3} + Tip #2

The next few weeks are busy ones as our regular activities wind down for the summer. We've finished all of our kindergarten work for the year, so we're making a transition into a short break from homeschooling {I'll clue you in to what we'll be doing in May very soon. I'm really excited!}. Also, my sweet baby girl turns TWO next Sunday. If you're like me -- busy as a bee with all the end-of-the-school-year activities, then a weekly meal plan totally makes life simpler and easier. You don't … [Read more...]

We’ll Never Achieve Homemaking Nirvana, but We Still Need to Try

this post contains affiliate links - thanks for supporting my familyIt was 4:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday. Only an hour until my husband would be home, and my to-do list was still a mile long. Supper needed to be finished, the floors needed vacuuming (seriously,dirt and food debris were killing my feet), the clean laundry needed folding and putting away, and I still hadn't made my highly anticipated dessert. And, of course, all three children were running in circles around me as I tried to … [Read more...]

It’s HERE & Why I’m Getting it!

Today is the BIG day!! Wondering what I'm talking about? Well, for the past two weeks there's been a little secret circulating in the blogging world. A brand new Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is available beginning TODAY! Sure you knew that, but what you didn't know is what's included in that extra special bundle. Now, I can fill you in, and I'm so excited!! What's included: Why I'm Buying the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (UHB): Excellent resources for my homemaking library. I want to … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Tip #1 & Our Weekly Meal Plan

I haven't posted a meal plan in quite a while, but I've honestly been wanting to because I love reading other people's posts with recipe ideas and trying them out. When I find a good one, I add it to my Menu Plan board on Pinterest. I also have a board filled with Pinned Recipes I've Tried that I draw from on a regular basis as I meal plan, so these are recipes that have passed the litmus test with my husband and children. Many of the recipes you'll find posted here can also be found on … [Read more...]

Roasted Broccoli: A Kid-Approved, Seasonal Recipe

Recently, I posted on how we're trying to incorporate more seasonal produce into our meal plans to improve our diet and save money. This month broccoli is on sale and in season, and at $0.99 a bunch, we're consuming a lot of this green antioxidant-rich veggie in our house. Most kids will eat broccoli smothered in cheese sauce {who am I kidding? I love the stuff, too!}, but it isn't very healthy. In the past, I've roasted potatoes, corn, even carrots, peppers, and onions, and I love the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Produce: 1 Simple Way to Improve Your Family’s Diet

One of my 2014 personal goals is to improve our family's diet. I'm a "from-scratch" cooker and generally avoid canned soups and convenience foods because of their high sodium, preservative-laden ingredients, and, frankly, I don't like them. However, recent bouts with morning all-day sickness have quashed my desire to cook, eat, or do anything food-related lately, and I've fallen prey to those convenient jarred sauces, frozen dinners, and quick-fix meals to get my family fed. I'm not … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home in Winter

This post contains affiliate links + a product review. I'm offering my honest opinion of the product, for which I was neither compensated nor will I receive commission on it. I simply received a free canvas print in exchange for my honest review. See my disclosure policy for more details. Winter is my least favorite season. The darkness, the long days, the cold -- all of it puts a serious damper on my spirits. The winter blues are real, and I'll admit that they've left me slightly … [Read more...]

10 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes: Start a New Family Tradition

Traditions. I have fond childhood memories of Christmas time, most of which center around food--particularly sweets. Both of my grandmothers were excellent cooks: 1 for her cakes & pies, the other is still known for her Christmas candies. My mom is also a culinary extraordinaire, which leaves me without a chance. I can either carry on the family tradition in some small way or drop the ball. I want to preserve our family's longstanding tradition of cooking excellence and start a new … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Christian Homemakers at Phenomenal Prices

{This post contains affiliate links. See my Disclosure Policy for details.}I am always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to incorporate God's Word into my life. Home decor with scripture is one of my favorite ways to be reminded throughout the day of God's faithfulness and love.  Enter DaySpring, a Christian company whose vision is "connecting people with the heart of God through messages of hope and encouragement every day, every where." As we gear up for the holidays, I wanted to share you … [Read more...]

Make Meal Planning Work for You: Create a Family Cookbook

I recently posted on how to make meal planning work for you, but I know some people think it's too time-consuming. You know what? You're {a little} right! Meal planning can be a daunting task because of all the factors that come into play when deciding what to fix each week. What do we have on hand? What will my family eat?  What's on sale? What can I fix early in the day when we have activities at night? What meals have we already eaten recently? What will my family eat? (Yes, we have … [Read more...]