15 Fall Soups for the Crockpot

Fall is just around the corner, ya'll. I mean, literally, fall is next week, and already I'm plotting when I can make my first batch of chili of the season. Oh, who am I kidding? I've already made chili. This summer! I couldn't resist. I'm over at Proverbial Homemaker today sharing 15 Fall Soups for the Crockpot. Come on and over and find some delicious new slow-cooker recipes.  Chili aside, I'm trying to ease my way into some slow cooker soups and stews that will make meal time a cinch. … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat with These No-Cook Meals for Summer

It's HOT here in Tennessee! Today we're once again reaching the 90s, and the mere thought of turning on the stove makes my skin break out in sweats. We've been enjoying some cool and healthy summer treats around here, but I've really been itching to try my hand at some no-cook meals for summer. I'm over at Proverbial Homemaker today sharing 25+ No-Cook Meal Ideas for Summer. You'll find salads, sandwiches & wraps, foods to cook on the grill and in the slow cooker, as well as yummy no-bake … [Read more...]

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Yard

My girls and I recently did a unit study on butterflies. Using this kit we watched our caterpillars go through metamorphosis, becoming chrysalids and finally lovely Painted Lady butterflies. Feeding, watching, and taking care of these precious creatures linked us very closely to them -- so close that when we released them, we all shed tears. My girls wanted their butterflies to stay in our yard. So we did a little research and discovered a few ways to not only keep our butterflies around our … [Read more...]

A Rainbow Unit Study for Kids

While the snow is still around here, I'm anticipating the arrival of spring very soon!! To welcome in the new season and because my girls love all things rainbow, we are doing a little unit study on rainbows in the coming weeks. This Rainbow Unit Study includes the following: Science experiments (including how to make your own rainbows) Bible verses Copywork Poetry Art Appreciation Books about rainbows Writing Grammar Memory Work Nature Study Physical … [Read more...]

Great Books to Give Children for Christmas {Guest Post}

Unlike toys that break and lose their appeal after a few days, great books will stay with a child from the cradle to the grave. I'm over at Year Round Homeschool today, sharing some great books to give your children (or the children in your life) for Christmas or any time of the year. From my post: Growing up I didn’t care for dolls or toys at all really. Give me a book and I was the happiest kid on the block. I vividly remember the Christmas my aunt gave me Little Women, unabridged. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Day Books for Children

I'm over at Year Round Homeschooling today sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving Day books for children. Here's an excerpt from my post: Every year I anticipate Thanksgiving. It's easily my favorite holiday of the year because of the message of thankfulness and gratitude it brings forth -- qualities my husband and I are trying to instill in our children. Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to share with our children the early history of our nation's birth with the arrival of the … [Read more...]

Columbus Day Books & Activities for Kids

Next Monday, October 13, is Columbus Day. That's the day Americans remember Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Americas in 1492. In our homeschool, we're actually learning about Columbus in history. I'm over at Year Round Homeschooling today sharing some books and activities for Columbus Day that you can share with your kids. From my post: If you're studying Early American history, are interested in doing a unit study, or are just looking for a good book and craft on Columbus, … [Read more...]

5 Criteria for Selecting Read-Aloud Books for Children

I'm over at Year Round Homeschooling today sharing how I pick the books we read aloud to our kids.  From my post . . . When I first started teaching my oldest to read, we would bring home dozens of library books. Try as I might, my daughter always found Dora or Scooby-Doo books. So as not to discourage her in her efforts to read, I allowed her to check out these books, but I also picked out my own books-- those more in line with what I consider "quality literature." Since then, my daughter … [Read more...]

5 Lessons I Learned My First Year Homeschooling

Earlier this week I shared 5 lessons I learned in my first year homeschooling over at MamaGab. Here's an excerpt: Looking back over our first year, I see many lessons I’ve learned about myself, my children, and our approach to homeschooling. Like all aspects of our lives, we can choose to learn from those lessons — or not. As you prepare for your school year, consider your own previous year and how you can make changes to improve this next one. And if you’re a new homeschooler, maybe … [Read more...]

How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids

I'm a book nerd. Reading is my favorite pastime and slowly my girls are also claiming it as their own. One way to encourage healthy reading habits in children, I've learned, is to let your child see you reading. Even though you may have many (or even all of your) books on an electronic device, there's something about holding a physical book in your hands that provides a visual example to your child that reading is important to you. Try to make it a point to read from an actual book each day … [Read more...]