Accomplish Goals the Stupid-Easy Way

Today's final guest post on goal-setting is by my sweet friend Tauna of Proverbial Homemaker. If you've lost sight of your goals, see what Tauna recommends to get back on track. All is not lost!  For more posts on goal-setting, click here. Hey, remember those goals and plans you made in January? You’ve probably been working on them diligently and have completed many already. It’s mid-year, and you are ROCKIN’ your goals, right?   Oh, not so much?   Did one or two of them slip through … [Read more...]

My 2014 Goals: A Mid-Year Update

Unbelievable. The year is halfway over. Where does the time go? Days seem to drag by like molasses, yet the weeks and months pass by like lightening. I can't keep up. While I, unfortunately, had to call it quits on the monthly goals linkup, I did want to report on my progress (or lack thereof) on my goals for 2014. Just to see how I'm doing. So you can see that I'm not as focused and disciplined as you might think ;) Here goes . . . My Goals for 2014  Spiritual (1) Develop a regular … [Read more...]

Six Considerations for Your Child’s Summer Reading Goals

Today, my friend Meghan of First Comes Love is sharing with us a topic dear to my heart -- setting goals for summer reading. With the kids on summer vacation, it's the perfect time to make some goals with your children to improve their reading skills and further hone their love of good books. See what advice this homeschooling mom of 6 has to offer & be sure to visit Meghan. Ahhh, summertime. Picnics at the park. The playground. Family vacations. Extra reading. What?? Yes, reading. At some … [Read more...]

May 2014 Goals

Making goals keeps me motivated to grow and achieve more in my life. Whether I want to improve in a specific area or learn a new hobby, the only way I can become more and be more for God, my family, my church, friends, and others, is to create goals to keep me focused. While I am quite adept at making goals, though, keeping them and progressing in them is quite another thing. However, I've found that there are a few factors that help me stay on track with my goals. Choose goals that I … [Read more...]

Our Homeschooling Plans for May

I mentioned recently that I had some exciting news about our plans for the month of May. I'm not sure if "exciting" is the right word, but I did want to share what we'll be doing in our hiatus from "regular" homeschool course work. Kate has finished her Kindergarten course work, and while I really want to move forward and start First Grade (I'm really excited about our curriculum, which I'll share soon!), I'm reluctant for the following reasons: Teacher needs to reorganize the homeschool … [Read more...]

Accountability Found in Faith Sisters {Guest Post}

I'm very happy to share this post from my blogging friend Marissa of Rays of Grace & Joy for our series "Finishing with Success in 2014." She introduces a wonderful idea that will help us grow in our walks with the Lord through accountability with other Christian women.  When it comes to setting goals, I am all about it. There is something refreshing in filling a blank sheet with goals that tends to bring me energy. Then life moves forward... toddlers throw crazy tantrums that pile onto … [Read more...]

Goals: What I’m Aiming for in April

This post may include affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details. You may or may not have noticed my absence lately on the blog. With homeschooling, chasing after three little girls, running a household, growing a new baby, and a myriad other responsibilities, life is full. I've decided to stop hosting the monthly goals link-up. However, I still have a few more guest posts that I'm excited to share, including one tomorrow. My goals progress in March looks pretty pitiful, but I'm … [Read more...]

Goal-Setting for Your Homeschool Year {FREE Printable}

After reading Tonia's post on setting goals for 1st grade, I realized this was something I really need to do right now, especially since we are nearly finished with our kindergarten year. Since my daughter will start 1st grade work in the next few months, I really need to set some goals for her. Last year my goals were primarily academic, but my priorities have shifted as the Lord has laid on my heart that the foundation of my child's education must be God & His Word. So my goals for … [Read more...]

Goal-Setting to Keep Moving in a Positive Direction & a Link-Up

I’m very pleased to welcome my sweet blogging friend Morgan of Morganize with Me, for March’s guest post in the series “Finishing with Success in 2014.” Last year was a year of transition for our family. (We moved overseas to a surfer's paradise in Europe.) Many times when I am going through a major transition in my life, I tend to want to put things on hold. It's easy for me to use the excuse of having everything in upheaval to hold me back from doing the things that I want to do and … [Read more...]

Roasted Broccoli: A Kid-Approved, Seasonal Recipe

Recently, I posted on how we're trying to incorporate more seasonal produce into our meal plans to improve our diet and save money. This month broccoli is on sale and in season, and at $0.99 a bunch, we're consuming a lot of this green antioxidant-rich veggie in our house. Most kids will eat broccoli smothered in cheese sauce {who am I kidding? I love the stuff, too!}, but it isn't very healthy. In the past, I've roasted potatoes, corn, even carrots, peppers, and onions, and I love the … [Read more...]