Battling Entitlement in Our Homes

"Mom, give me some gum." "Gimme a piece of candy." "I need a cracker." "Can I have something to drink?" Every.single.time we get in the car those are the very first words out of my children's mouths. We haven't pulled out of the driveway even, and they're asking for something. Sure, I'm at least partly to blame. I have acquiesced so many times that they've become conditioned to expect those things, so when I say "no," they don't understand.And when they hear no from me, they cry and whine and … [Read more...]

"Eat Your Vegetables Day": Tips for Adding More Veggies to Your Diet!

Photo CreditDid you know that Monday, June 17, is "Eat Your Vegetables Day"?One of my goals for the summer is to eat more fruits & veggies and less meats and dairy. We're trying to eat a little healthier and get our kids to see that vegetables are indeed yummy. Honestly, I haven't done the best job of incorporating a variety of produce into our diet, and that's a shame because according to the USDA, we're supposed to be eating between 2 & 3 cups of vegetables every day!We are working towards … [Read more...]

Slowing Down: What the Weary Do When They Finally Reach Their Limit

 Photo credit: Omer UnluLife has been hectic lately. I haven't had much time to blog. I've read very little in terms of books. My to-do list never seems to get done, and my email inbox is maxed out. I feel like I'm always rushing from one thing to another, and in the process, my kids are getting the worst of me. We're always late somewhere, and I'm usually yelling at someone for causing our tardiness.Our oldest, Kate, has already commented several times lately that she doesn't want to do ballet … [Read more...]

Creating a Seasonal Table for Valentine’s Day {Or, My Attempts to Grow as a Homemaker}

Photo Credit: libertygrace0I want to grow in so many ways as a wife, a mom, and a child of God. One area in which I am always in need of "cultivation" is homemaking. It just doesn't come naturally to me. My mom could decorate an entire room in one trip to TJ Maxx and an hour's worth of work, but unfortunately, her decorating knack did not pass down to me. However, I desperately want my house to be a home where we can grow together as a family, and I want our children to participate in it, … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why We Go to Church When It’s Easier to Stay Home

Photo Credit: AndrewH.ukLast Sunday as our family left the church building, my heart raged within me. Fighting back tears of shame, anger, and disappointment, I wondered why we even bother going to church. Surely an at-home family devotional would be better for us given the season we're in. With three girls ages 4, 2, and 6 months, our family is loud, dramatic, and high energy. We spend the majority of most worship services keeping the 4 year old from bothering her sister, shushing the 2 year … [Read more...]

October Family Fun: Birthdays, the Beach, & Fall Festivities

Wow! October is almost over!I feel like it has been an eternity since I last posted. First, my laptop died. Then, I got a really nice new one only to have the hard drive crash three weeks in. After waiting over a week for HP to mail me a new hard drive, the laptop STILL did not work. So, I finally came to the {brilliant} decision to return the computer and get something else. Enter my beautiful Mac. Love it but don't know how to use it.Still, I am happy.And when my three girls and I left Best … [Read more...]

When God Says "Not Now"

On Monday, I was offered a job. Flabbergasted and beaming with pride, I actually considered taking it, and those closest to me welcomed the opportunity for me to do something I love. My sweet mother offered to keep the kids, and my overly generous husband encouraged me to go for it.And I almost did.You see before I became a mother, I was a doctoral student and graduate teaching assistant (i.e. professor/student) in the English department at our local university. I lived and breathed school. … [Read more...]

A Tribute to Our Oldest Daughter

Our oldest daughter Kate started ballet today. She has been pirouetting and walking on her toes all morning in preparation for her first class. I don't know who was more excited--me or her--because I knew she would love her class. And she did.As I look at our daughter, I see for the first time how quickly she is growing into a beautiful young girl. She is tall with a lithe figure, a perfect dancer's physique. Her gray-blue eyes, wavy dirty-blonde hair, and that sweet sprinkling of freckles on … [Read more...]

Day 16: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt @ Home

 {If you're just now following us and curious about what we're doing, check out our prior "31 Days of Play" posts.}I am always trying to find fun ways to explore nature with my kids, so I was excited when I found this idea for an outdoor scavenger hunt on Simple Homemade recently. However, I knew giving my 3 1/2-year-old and 21-month-old a written list of items to search for would not work. So, I opted for making a visual list of familiar outdoor items including plants, trees, flowers, and other … [Read more...]

Days 14 &15: Cousins & Playground Fun!

One of my favorite memories growing up were visits with my cousins. We didn't see them very often--usually only at holidays and in the summer, but when we were together, there were many crazy but fun adventures to be had. I want the same for our girls. It is important for them to spend time with extended family, and our girls adore their cousins on both sides of the family.On Saturday, the rainy weather was driving us all a little stir crazy, so we drove down to visit with Daniel's dad and … [Read more...]