Cultivating Faithfulness in Your Walk with God

Today, I'm guest posting for my sweet blogging friend Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker in her excellent series "Cultivating Faithfulness" where I'm sharing how we can grow in faithfulness to God in our own daily walks. Here's a little snippet: I'm a goal-setter. Every year I make 6-8 personal goals that I break down in to more manageable monthly, weekly, even daily goals to work towards throughout the year. Creating goals is simple; carrying out and actually achieving success in your goals … [Read more...]

Are You Busy About the Right Things?

I was lying in bed one Saturday morning mentally planning for the upcoming week. I had Bible study (a small group of which I facilitate), Son Kids (the Sunday PM Bible class my husband & I lead), American Heritage Girls (a unit of which I co-lead), a dentist appointment, as well as the typical housekeeping duties, meal planning, homeschool lessons, and freelance work, and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. Anxious thoughts filled my swirling head: "Should I be doing ALL … [Read more...]

When Doubt Creeps in & Guilt Overwhelms You {Free Printable}

The past two weeks I've been consumed with guilt. Illness has left me lying on the couch or in bed while my children watch way too much "Scooby-Doo" and the toddler eats her weight in fruit snacks. And guilt that the house is falling to shambles, that I can't homeschool today, that my husband has to come home after a long day at work to fix dinner and clean up, that the responsibilities I've signed up for are being neglected --  all of it has completely paralyzed me. When your life … [Read more...]

Decompress This Christmas: It’s OK. Really.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm glad it's Christmas time. And not for the obvious reasons either. No, for me, Christmas is about decompression. It's the hiatus from Bible studies and regular appointments, the break from school and other activities that you're just.about.burned.out.from. The Christmas holiday is that small window of time when you can be at home (or not) just because. You have nowhere you have to be. The kids (and Mama) can sleep in, stay in their pajamas, eat breakfast at … [Read more...]

When You Can’t Handle One More Change

The color of the leavesThe seasons, the weather, the length of days    The heights of our children & how they view usOur waist size, shoe size, bra sizeOur hair color, hair line, even how much hair we haveFashion, who's "hot" & who's not  Our love for others  Our thoughts, priorities, & expectationsOur dreamsThe future What do these things have in common?They all CHANGE. Everything changes.The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 535-475 B.C.) once said:"Nothing endures but change."The … [Read more...]

When God Stirs Our Hearts

Fifty years after its destruction by the Babylonians in 586 B.C., the exiles began rebuilding Solomon's temple. After only 6 years -- in 530 B.C. -- their work stopped. Frustrated and intimidated by opposition all around them, the Jewish people abandoned the temple rebuilding process, and for over 10 years, construction on the Lord's house came to a standstill.The hearts that God had stirred up to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple only 8 years earlier (Ezra 1:5) had already quieted. The … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Help You Grow in Love for Your Family

Do you struggle to really love your husband & children?Do you want to love your family more but feel you can't?    I've mentioned before that one of my daily prayers is that the Lord will teach me how to love my husband and children more like He loves them. While it's easy to lay the blame on my introverted-perfectionist qualities, the truth is, shortcomings and personality quirks aside, I often neglect to show the little people -- and even the big one -- in my life how much I love them like I … [Read more...]

When You’re Weary, Where Does God Fit In?

I'm weary. The hours of the day blur together as I go from one task to the next. Mechanically. Following the routine that I know like the back of my calloused hands. "When my heart was grievedand my spirit embittered,  There are so many responsibilities, jobs, and expectations that I feel honored to do, yet I'm so tired. It seems like I'm always clamoring for rest, and when the girls' nap time rolls around, I'm finding myself sleeping too. Guilt sets in as I realize I should be using those … [Read more...]

What We Need to Remember When Doubt Creeps In . . .

God can be trusted.Lately, I've been really struggling with how I can juggle all the roles and responsibilities God has called me to. As a wife, a mom, a friend, a teacher at home and at church, a Bible study leader, a blogger, a freelance writer, and most importantly, a child of God, I wear a lot of different hats. Often times I feel like I'm constantly changing costume and wonder if I'm ever going to get anything done or if anything I'm doing really matters. It's discouraging to say the … [Read more...]

For When We’re Discouraged From Doing the Lord’s Work

When you undertake the Lord's work, you can expect challenges, setbacks, and disappointment. It's simply a fact that often as soon as the Lord reveals His will for you, someone or something will come along to discourage you. Whether that work is a ministry you've started or work with, homeschooling your children, leading a Bible class or study, or rebuilding the temple of God--whatever God has called you to--expect that Satan is going to be on the attack. He is looking for ways to undermine the … [Read more...]