A FUN Christ-Focused Easter Activity for Kids {Review}

My children love treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and hiding and finding Easter eggs. We actually keep Easter eggs out to play with year-round for those reasons. As a mom, though, I've struggled to connect the fun of hunting Easter eggs with the more solemn celebration of the resurrection of Christ. But when I had the opportunity to review some products from Egglo Entertainment, I found a way to reconcile those issues in a beautiful Christ-centered way. If you're looking for a fun and … [Read more...]

7 Activities to Remember Good Friday with Children

Growing up my memories of Easter revolved around new dresses, hunting for eggs, my Mema's bunny cake, and a visit from the Easter bunny. While those beautiful memories are ones I want my own children to experience, I also desire that they understand the spiritual implications of Easter and have a heart that breaks thinking about their Savior's suffering for their sins. This year I've tried to be more intentional with our discussions about Easter. We've gone through "Sense of the … [Read more...]

If You Only Do One Thing This Easter, Do This

Photo CreditEaster is only a few short days away, and I'm not ready. The girls' Easter baskets and the Resurrection Eggs are in our maxed-out storage unit underneath piles and piles of "stuff." I haven't made the Resurrection Rolls or even dyed eggs yet, and at this rate, it doesn't look like either will be happening at all this year.In an effort to save money, I opted out of buying special Easter dresses and hats for the children and found cute spring dresses for cheap at a consignment sale. To … [Read more...]