Are You Fulfilling God’s Purpose?

I've been struggling lately with my purpose. Yes, I'm married with 3 kids, so undoubtedly I have a purpose or two. But what about my purpose within the context of the Church? What else can I do to be useful? How can I be the hands and feet of Jesus? What can I do that will matter eternally? Earlier this week I asked the question: "Why do you go to church?" and shared how my reasons have metamorphosed over time. Today I want to continue that thought and consider our purpose within the Church … [Read more...]

Why Do You Go to Church?

Photo credit: Silent ShotGrowing up we went to church "every time the doors were open." That meant twice on Sundays and once on Wednesday evenings. I never questioned why we went; I simply did as I was told, believing that regular attendance was a necessary part of being a Christian. As you may imagine, though, my heart wasn't always in the right place because I didn't understand why I was there other than "to worship God." To me, the church was a building where Christians met to worship … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why We Go to Church When It’s Easier to Stay Home

Photo Credit: AndrewH.ukLast Sunday as our family left the church building, my heart raged within me. Fighting back tears of shame, anger, and disappointment, I wondered why we even bother going to church. Surely an at-home family devotional would be better for us given the season we're in. With three girls ages 4, 2, and 6 months, our family is loud, dramatic, and high energy. We spend the majority of most worship services keeping the 4 year old from bothering her sister, shushing the 2 year … [Read more...]