20 Family Favorite Christmas Books

One of our family's favorite Christmas time traditions is pulling out our humongous green storage tote filled to the brim with our much loved Christmas books. What a joy to find an old favorite to curl up with under a fleece blanket! If you're looking for a few new GOOD Christmas books, I encourage you to be on the lookout for some of these. I've found mine at Goodwill and other thrift stores as well as library discards and Amazon. Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of … [Read more...]

Our Holiday Homeschool Plans — 2017

I haven't shared about our homeschool this year because I've just been too busy, but we are trying out a new Charlotte Mason-based curriculum called The Alveary, which is providing our school-age girls with a FEAST of living ideas from a BUFFET of subjects, many of which I personally never had in school, or not in so lovely a way. It has truly been enjoyable. No mindless memory work or tedious worksheets. No lengthy school days (we're done by lunch). I could go on but that's a whole 'nother … [Read more...]

Win Chris Tomlin’s “Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship” {Review & Giveaway}

We have a little rule in our family. No Christmas trees, no Christmas music, no Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving. It's so easy for me to miss out on the beauty of today if I'm always looking to tomorrow. However, when I had the opportunity recently to review Chris Tomlin's latest Christmas CD, I kind of broke my own rule. But you know what? It was worth it. {Scroll down to enter the giveaway!} Chris Tomlin is best known for his praise & worship music, and his latest CD … [Read more...]

Black Friday Deals & Steals

Who doesn't love a good deal? I do! But I do not like to bother with all those people and lines and limited inventory, so I do almost all of my Christmas shopping online. So I want to share with you a few Black Friday sales that do not require you to leave the house! These companies all provide products that I stand behind and personally use. I would not waste my time promoting products that aren't of the best quality and family-oriented. Grapevine Studies has their Birth of Jesus … [Read more...]

Great Books to Give Children for Christmas {Guest Post}

Unlike toys that break and lose their appeal after a few days, great books will stay with a child from the cradle to the grave. I'm over at Year Round Homeschool today, sharing some great books to give your children (or the children in your life) for Christmas or any time of the year. From my post: Growing up I didn’t care for dolls or toys at all really. Give me a book and I was the happiest kid on the block. I vividly remember the Christmas my aunt gave me Little Women, unabridged. … [Read more...]

6 Christ-Centered Family Christmas Traditions

Growing up, Christmas was all about Santa Claus. We didn't have a nativity; we didn't celebrate Jesus' birth; and Advent was not in our vocabulary. I'm not upset about that. That's just the way it was. But as I've matured in my faith and God has blessed us with children, I've come to the conclusion that any time the world recognizes and celebrates Christ in any way, I need to be a part of that celebration. I need to be in on that conversation, spreading truth and speaking the Gospel wherever … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from the Tidwells + What’s in Store for 2014

Merry Christmas! It's Christmas, and I will be taking a blogging break to enjoy time with my family. I'll be back later this week but wanted to leave you with a recap of my latest posts + news about a little of what you'll be seeing on Growing in His Glory in 2014 + a family Christmas picture for your viewing pleasure :) Recap of latest posts In case you've missed them, here are my most recent posts: 7 Time Management Tips for a Joyful Christmas Dress-up Gifts for Children {Unique Ideas for … [Read more...]

Create Memories with these Gift Ideas for Children

As a child, my fondest gifts were those that involved either one or both of my parents. Perhaps that was because my love language was quality time, but I have vivid memories of attending a New Kids on the Block concert for my 10th birthday {yeah, I know} , of going to many Atlanta Braves baseball games, of trips out-of-state, and seeing plays like Cats, Les Miserables, and The Lion King on Broadway, all with my family. Even simple experiences like going fishing or playing softball and soccer … [Read more...]

10 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes: Start a New Family Tradition

Traditions. I have fond childhood memories of Christmas time, most of which center around food--particularly sweets. Both of my grandmothers were excellent cooks: 1 for her cakes & pies, the other is still known for her Christmas candies. My mom is also a culinary extraordinaire, which leaves me without a chance. I can either carry on the family tradition in some small way or drop the ball. I want to preserve our family's longstanding tradition of cooking excellence and start a new … [Read more...]

Decompress This Christmas: It’s OK. Really.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm glad it's Christmas time. And not for the obvious reasons either. No, for me, Christmas is about decompression. It's the hiatus from Bible studies and regular appointments, the break from school and other activities that you're just.about.burned.out.from. The Christmas holiday is that small window of time when you can be at home (or not) just because. You have nowhere you have to be. The kids (and Mama) can sleep in, stay in their pajamas, eat breakfast at … [Read more...]