What We’ve Been Reading — August 2015

Originally, I had planned to share both the assigned and read-aloud books we're planning to read for our entire school year. However, since we school year-round and I tend to be overzealous when it comes to list-making -- see last year's list here -- I decided to only post what we are reading on a month-by-month basis. So my plan is to share the books our family is reading individually and aloud during read-aloud time each month. Here's what we've been reading this month: Read-Aloud -- For … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan + Books We’ve Been Reading

This past week we embarked on our first week of Summer Learning, complete with creating an earthworm farm, traveling through the Middle Ages, some art, and lots of reading. Books the Kids Are Reading We finished a really fun book called Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle during read-aloud time, and read a few books for our Summer Reading Challenge. We're really into those Magic Tree House books: Kate reads 2 or 3 a day! At the library this week, she chose a biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder, parts of which … [Read more...]

2015 Summer Reading List

Recently, I shared our family's Summer of Learning plans. I think the summer is the perfect time to start new habits and learn new skills because we don't have to compete with a million other things that are going on during the rest of the year. This summer, in an effort to nourish my poor thought-deprived mind, I am committing to read for 30 minutes every day. When I'm reading books of substance -- not trash that I escape laundry and hide from children in order to read -- but books that … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan for June 7-13

Finally! We finish school this Wednesday. I've felt like we've been slogging through the mire these last few weeks, but we are almost there! To celebrate we're having an ice cream sundae party because, well, sweets are our happy place. We'll take the rest of the week off. Then, next week the big girls are going to grandparents' camp. When they return we'll resume a relaxed summer schedule and begin our Summer of Learning. What's coming up on the blog Later this week I'll be sharing my … [Read more...]

A Sing-Along Alphabet Book for Children {Review}

By far our favorite part of the day is Read-Aloud time. As I select books for our children, I'm guided by the verse from Philippians 4:8 -- Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. We only have a limited time with our children, so it's important that we're reading books that instill goodness, truth, and … [Read more...]

Summer Reading Challenge: Explore New Genres

Summer is almost here, and we are winding up our school year very rapidly. As I look forward to a nice relaxing little break, I'm also making plans for a summer of learning with interest-led unit studies, Five in a Row, nature study, and lots and lots of reading. More on this to come very soon! Since I have an avid, independent reader as well as a beginner, I wanted to create a challenge for them to want to keep reading during the summer months. Year round schooling helps to keep us in books, … [Read more...]

Books We’re Reading: January & February

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check my disclosure policy.The girls and I have found a few good reads this winter that have made for some pleasant afternoons on the couch. Reading aloud is a favorite part of my day because I can put my feet up and escape into a fictional world where baskets of laundry and piles of dishes are nowhere in sight. And my girls love the time because they get to snuggle with Mama, forget chores and school work, and discover what happens next … [Read more...]

Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World {Book Review}

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. Thank you for supporting my blog!Recently I had the opportunity to review Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane. Usually, I turn down a book review, but when I saw the title, I was intrigued. Ever since Abigail was born, I've been more lax about screen time and have started having some concerns about the influence technology is having on our young … [Read more...]

Read Better, Not More Books in 2015 (+ My Book List)

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but it's something I really have to make time for or it doesn't happen at all. Unless I'm intentional about taking time to read, then many days may pass by without picking up a book. There are just too many distractions. But, oh, how much we grow when we make reading a regular part of our daily routines! The caveat, of course, is that we must read books that promote and encourage growth, for we all know that not all books are created equal. That being … [Read more...]

Best Books I Read in 2014

One of my goals for 2014 was to read 40 books. Thanks to several read-alouds with the kids, I was able to meet that goal but just barely. This week I hope to share my goals for 2015, which will include my new reading goal, but today, I want to share some of the best books I read this year. (For all the books I read this year, check out my "Books I've Read in 2014" board.) If you need some book suggestions, here are my 8 favorite books I read in 2014. I hope they will spark in you a desire to … [Read more...]