Why We May Be Damaging the Future of Motherhood

Photo courtesy of Lanier67Lately, I've been thinking about how I speak about my children to others, especially first-time moms and young women. When I come across as the stressed-out mother who's always irritated with her kids, I realize that I am not exactly the poster child for good moms.   Why would a young woman aspire to motherhood if all she sees and hears from moms is how horrible a burden children are?Our words and attitude can do a lot of damage to the sacred calling of motherhood if … [Read more...]

3 Tips For When You Want to Quit

  Photo Credit: Sheffield Tiger {This post was originally published in August 2012, but I thought it was fitting to re-post it as people begin neglecting their New Year's resolutions or goals. My prayer is that we will stay committed to those endeavors that God has laid on our hearts.} Starting a new project or setting personal goals can be daunting. While you may begin with great motivation, at some point your energy will start to wane, and you may decide you just don't have the time or … [Read more...]

When You Don’t Think You Have Any More To Give

 Do you consider yourself a generous person?I'm not talking about being generous with your financial resources, although that is certainly important.I mean are you generous with your self: your time, your efforts, your energies, YOU?If you have a family, then you may be thinking, "Well, yes, I give and give and give all day every day. What more do you want from me?"  You may think most days that you don't have anything more to give. Today, I was spent. Completely and utterly wiped out. Our … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Better Attitude

  I have really been struggling lately. What with a new baby and two little ones with iron wills, I have experienced some parent burnout that has taken a toll. My husband suggested that I work on thinking more positively instead of always expecting the worst. My attitude has certainly needed some serious adjusting. Yes, my husband was right. Smart man.After reading John C. Maxwell's chapter on attitude in Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success, I came up with these … [Read more...]