Days 6 ,7 & 8: Ice Boats, the Playground, & Pool Time

If you are just now joining me, I am taking a 31 day challenge to play with my kids. Some days we do intentional play in the form of arts and crafts projects; other days we simply splash in the kiddy pool or swing on the swing set. The goal is to make an effort each day to enjoy some fun times with my kiddos. The housework will be there tomorrow, but my kids are growing up and will not be at home forever. Carpe diem! Yesterday, after a week of reading and rowing My Blue Boat, we made ice … [Read more...]

Day 3- Handprint 4th of July Craft!

Because tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I decided to try out another holiday-related craft for our play time together. I found this handprint craft at ToddlerToddler. Basically, you tape paper stars to a piece of white card stock, dip the child's hand in red and/or blue paint, and let him or her put handprints on top of the star on the paper. Then, you very carefully remove the stars and voila!Some stars stuck to the paper and did not come off completely, so I would definitely recommend … [Read more...]

Day 2- Homemade Watercolors

Do you do art with your kids?Usually when my daughter asks to paint or color, I get out the supplies for her and leave her to it. However, while I am not the least bit artistic, I do enjoy piddling with art supplies.When I bought some watercolors a few weeks ago at the Dollar General, they didn't work. No matter how much water I added to them, paint they would not. The kids and I were very frustrated because we'd had our minds set on watercolors.Well, I found this recipe for homemade watercolors … [Read more...]

Day 1- Puzzles & American Flag Button Craft

Today marks the beginning of July and our "31 Days of Play!" challenge. Unfortunately, our girls both have colds with fever {no fun!}, and temperatures here are hovering around 105 degrees. So, we stayed inside for most of the day. However, sickness and heat did not keep us from playing together. The whole family worked together on a 100-piece Snow White puzzle. Then, we made our own version of this lovely American flag button craft together.  Kate gluing on buttons, refusing to look at the … [Read more...]

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Children: Art Supplies

 With two little girls ages three and one, we have quite a few toys around the house, and, honestly, I am not a big fan of toys.  For one, in our house at least, the toys are rarely played with and therefore take up space we don't have and gather dust that I don't care to clean.  For another, toys are usually what my husband calls "uni-taskers", meaning they perform one and only one function (which likely explains why they aren't played with very often.)Don't get me wrong.  I sincerely believe … [Read more...]

My New Hobby: Appliques

I have had my beautiful brand new Brother CS-6000i sewing machine for nearly 7 months now, and, I must confess, I just used it for the first time this week!  I know next to nothing about sewing, and my intimidation with running the machine has been my excuse for not getting started.  But with two little girls, I am bound and determined to learn how to sew because I desperately want to make them cute little matching dresses and costumes to play in.While surfing the internet this weekend looking … [Read more...]