Mess-Free Art Supplies for Kids {Review & Giveaway!!}

I am not the mom who loves making crafts. In fact, I have tubs full of paints, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and stickers that my girls would love to rummage through, use, and destroy the house with, but they are hidden in out-of-reach spaces in our utility room. Every now and then I will conjure up the courage to dig a box out, but only after we have set down newspapers and old towels and the girls have donned their smocks. My #1 problem with arts & crafts is the mess.  But now I … [Read more...]

An Art Curriculum for the Not-So-Artsy {Review}

Art is one of the subjects that usually gets neglected in our homeschool because this Mama isn't artsy nor does she like messes. Yet, cultivating an appreciation for good art work and developing artistic skills and talents requires opportunities to look at and create art. Recently, my girls and I tried our hand at ARTistic Pursuits' Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts. What is ARTistic Pursuits?  ARTistic Pursuits is a homeschool art curriculum for children from … [Read more...]

The Art Box: A Unique & Affordable Gift for Children

As I mentioned in my post last week, every Thursday in December (and maybe a few other days too) I will be sharing some unique Christmas gift ideas that move beyond Toys-R-Us, won't break the bank, outlast 2013, and, hopefully, create beautiful memories for your children. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my site! The Art Box WHO is it for? The aspiring artist or any toddler or preschool-age child who likes to doodle I first started making Art Boxes for my … [Read more...]

Days 29-30: Finger Painting & a 2nd Scavenger Hunt

We're in the final stretch of "31 Days of Play." Technically, the challenge ends today, July 31st, but we missed a day of "play" on Sunday, so I'm making up for it with one final activity tomorrow, August 1st. On Monday I made some homemade finger paints using a recipe that I've used before. They are very easy to make, and you probably have all of the ingredients on hand.Recipe: Homemade Finger Paints1/2 cup cornstarch3 T sugar1/2 t salt2 cups waterFood coloring Combine all four ingredients in a … [Read more...]

Day 26: Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

We're in the final stretch of our "31 Days of Play" challenge. To see what we've been doing, go here. This morning, before the heat was too unbearable, I whipped up, yes, some more paints. We're definitely on a painting kick this week with bubble paints and nature painting, but it's just so fun!  Fizzing Sidewalk Paints are awesome because you not only get to paint, but you also get to make your paintings fizz. It's a science experiment, art, and play all in one!Here's what you'll need:1 small … [Read more...]

Day 25: Nature Painting

We are on Day 25 of the "31 Days of Play!" Challenge. To find out what we've been doing, click here.Today I wanted to get out the paints and head outside before the triple digits forced us to stay in. I found this idea for painting cards with dandelions at Simple Kids and thought it looked like something the kids and I could do together. However, instead of searching only for dandelions, we went on a little nature walk in our yard and picked up neat objects that we thought would be fun either to … [Read more...]

Days 22-24: Blocks, Frogs, & Bubble Paints

We are on Day 24 of the "31 Days of Play" challenge. If you are just joining us, my aim is to spend quality play time with my kids every day. Some days we simply play with the children's toys while other days I have a craft or outdoor activity to do together.Cora and I had some fun playing with blocks while Kate was visiting with her grandparents. We built tall TALL towers and then knocked them down over and over again. Cora has a knack for putting things together and taking them apart, so we … [Read more...]

Day 13: Moon Sand

{Curious about what we're doing? Check out our prior "31 Days of Play" posts.}Have you ever heard of moon sand? You can buy it at Target or Wal-Mart, but I never have although I've been curious. So, when I saw this recipe for moon sand, I thought it looked easy enough that we'd give it a try. I bought a 32 oz. bag of sand at JoAnn's for $1.50 after a 50% off coupon, and the rest of the ingredients I had on hand.Moon SandWhat You Need2 cups colored sand {I colored mine with food coloring; beware: … [Read more...]

Day 10: Sparkly {or Silly} Sunglasses

Last week when we were at the Dollar Tree, Kate spied these really cute kid's glasses, so she and her sister picked out a pair. For $1, I couldn't say no.I guess I've been reading too much Fancy Nancy lately because I had this brilliant idea to spruce them up with some bling. I also pulled out some googly-eyes.Our fun sunglassesThis is the easiest craft imaginable. Grab your glasses, some good quality craft glue {I used Elmer's Craft Bond Precision Tip Glue}, and your desired frillies and glue … [Read more...]

Day 9: Edible Play Dough

On Day 9 of our "31 Days of Play" challenge, Kate and I made edible play dough, something I've been wanting to try for a while now but hadn't because I was too busy. Ha! I found a really good recipe that worked like a charm as far as play dough goes. Plus, as long as you don't have peanut allergies, you can eat it up...nom nom nom.Kate stirring up the play dough. Yeah, we're still in our night gown. Edible Play Dough2 cups confectioner's sugar1 cup peanut butter1/2 cup honeyCombine all … [Read more...]