A 5-Step Plan for Mamas on the Verge of Boiling Over

Photo CreditThis is my third consecutive week posting on anger. Why? Because I struggle with anger. And I venture to guess that some of you do, too, at times. I posted on Facebook recently about how rare it is to hear women share their struggles with anger. It's almost taboo to admit you have an anger problem. Here are two of the responses:"...I struggle with it [anger], and struggled with it for a lot of my life. Its almost like if you voice it (that you have a struggle with anger, people … [Read more...]

When We Exasperate Our Children, We Put Their Salvation At Risk

If you haven't noticed recently, I'm struggling with anger, especially with my children. My expectations are too high, my need to impress is ridiculously out of whack, and my frustrated attempts at perfection are hurting everyone. Can you relate? I have felt very much alone lately, as if this were only my sin because for some reason, Moms don't share their bouts of anger, their temper tantrums. Yet, I dare say I'm not alone, as is evident from the abundance of {great} comments in this post.Photo … [Read more...]

When Our Anger Isn’t Under Control

I never remember being angry as a child. When I was a teenager, I never really rebelled in the true sense of the word. As an adult, there have been moments of frustration, but anger? Not really.Something happened after our first born child arrived. All of a sudden this quality I had never really known or experienced started veering its ugly head.For the first time, I started really losing my cool. I began to yell, throw, kick (not the kids), even curse. Mama threw some mean temper tantrums, and … [Read more...]

Secret Sins: Because Sometimes We Need to Stop Hiding & Seek Help

Photo credit: richkidsuniteSo, I'm not very transparent. I realized that today as I sat listening to a woman in my Bible study today pour out her heart, and I had nothing to say.Sharing my feelings, venting my frustrations, asking for advice--none of that comes easy for me. I'm much more of a figure-it-out-for-myself kinda gal. Yes, it's pride. But I also tend to think of my faults as trivial. Hey, I haven't murdered anyone, right?But to think that my sins are inconsequential is foolish.Instead … [Read more...]