November Meal Plan

Last month was my second-ever endeavor to meal plan for an entire month, and it was SUCH a blessing! One less thing to plan. One less thing to ponder over. I simply wrote down ingredients I needed and went shopping. Easy-peasy.

So, I’m doing it again because we’re entering the busy season, and I know supper will be the last thing from my mind amidst all the activities, baking, crafting, shopping, eating, and running from place to place.

While it’s tempting to chunk the meal plan when life is hectic, I have found that not planning meals only adds to the chaos. You might think you’re saving yourself time by not writing down a plan for the week, but unless you thrive on stress, you aren’t. In fact–and I know this from experience–when I don’t meal plan, I am more likely to get takeout or rely on frozen pizzas, we’re more likely to eat unhealthy, and I’m more likely to lose my cool when 5:00 rolls around and everyone’s starving. Ask me how I know.

If you’re feeling the hustle and bustle already this month and don’t want to think about supper time, then I’ve got you covered. (Check out my Breakfast ideas too.)

My November Meal Plan consists of 29 dinner time meals we will be eating this month. (I left out Thanksgiving because we all have our favorite turkey time dishes we like to serve.)

One Tip to Simplify Meal Planning

One way to simplify our meals is by devising special meals for each day of the week. Some people have their Taco Tuesdays or Meatless Mondays. You can personalize this idea considering what your family enjoys eating and the days you are busy and need quick meals.

Here’s what we’re doing this month:

Sundays: Crockpot (because I’m trying to keep Sundays simple, easy, & restful in order to give proper attention to Whom it is due)

Mondays: Homestyle Cooking aka comfort foods

Tuesdays: Mexican (because who can have enough?!)

Wednesdays: Simple Meals (Instant Pot, Crockpot, or One-Sheet/One-Pot because we have Bible study and are gone all morning)

Thursdays: Vegetarian or Fish (for economical reasons)

Fridays: “Take Out” (make your own at home and save $ and your health!)

Saturdays: Soups

Another Tip to Save $

I like to cook with what produce is in season and on sale at the grocery store. This month you’ll find avocados, greens (kale, chard, spinach, turnip greens), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, and celery on sale. So there are recipes incorporating some or all of these seasonal veggies/fruits.

Click the link below for a PDF with meal ideas complete with links to the actual recipes via Pinterest. And consider following me on Pinterest where you will find these and many more recipes.

November 2017 Meal Plan

For these and more than 1,100 recipes, follow my Menu Plan board on Pinterest.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? Do you have any good money-saving tips for meal planning? I’d love to hear them!

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