Those Tiny Glimpses from God: Blessings of Motherhood

Tomorrow this girl turns 8.


our oldest daughter Kate

She is not your typical firstborn. Kate is strong, fearless, and headstrong. She can go with the flow, or she can create her own tidal wave. Flexible but determined, Kate is a natural born leader who isn’t afraid to take charge, yet she has a caring, gentle side especially with her younger siblings. She’s responsible, witty, and beautiful — inside and out. I couldn’t be more proud of her.


When I think about how my children are shaping me into the woman God has called me to be, I am thankful for the calling to be a mother. It isn’t easy — no doubt. Motherhood has certainly exposed my once-hidden character flaws and brought them to the surface in all their glaring monstrosity. My mind, body, and soul have been stretched beyond the limit, but in those challenges, I have accomplished incredible-for-me feats — like homeschooling; keeping 4 children fed, clothed, and alive; and natural childbirth in the back of an ambulance on the interstate in rush hour traffic — that I’d never have imagined in my teens and 20s.


But the greatest blessing of motherhood isn’t my own transformation, but in watching how God is at work in the hearts of my children. It’s seeing them respond to His calling, being convicted of the sin in their lives and learning how to submit and walk in obedience. This view isn’t something I see daily but every now and then God gives me tiny glimpses — enough to assure me that we’re walking (often limping) down the right road. And those fleeting moments encourage me on those all-too-common hard days when the bickering and fighting never seem to end.


As Kate turns another year older, I am thankful that God saw in me the potential to be her mother.While I have made countless mistakes over these 8 years, He is faithful and continues growing me as He grows her. And for that continued growth and sanctification I am thankful.

Happy birthday, Kate! We love you!!!

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