Our 2016-2017 Homeschool Plans

It has been awhile since I last posted, but I’m popping back on to share with you our homeschool plans and curriculum for the coming school year. We officially started back last week but¬†at a nice leisurely pace ūüėČ

Homeschool Plans-2016-17

Meet My Students

This year I have 3 students.

Kate is 7 1/2 and starting 3rd grade. She is active, an avid reader, and loves to cartwheel, flip, stand on her head, and do backbends.

Kate-1st day H.S.

Cora is 5 1/2 and starting 1st grade. Curious, imaginative, and funny, she has recently taken off as a reader and will spend her free time riding her EZ-roller and reading The Boxcar Children. Cora is very eager to be in the 1st grade!

Cora-1st day H.S.

Annabeth is 4 and continuing preschool. She is my little student — Annabeth loves to do school¬†in her¬†little workbooks, and while we don’t do formal preschool, I do want to foster her love of learning. She is spunky, very strong, and my personal little sous-chef.

Annabeth-1st day H.S.

We also have a very active toddler: Abigail is 23 months. Our little wild child loves her kitties, hanging with her big sisters, and snuggles with Daddy.


Our Homeschool Plans

In the past we have tried a variety of approaches to learning: from my frugal piecemeal curriculum in 2013-14¬†and a similar¬†2014-2015 Curriculum, to¬†a more Charlotte Mason/Classical curriculum, which I continued with my¬†2015-2016 curriculum. By the end of our school year, however, I decided¬†that¬†the Classical approach just isn’t the best for young children and adapted our remaining school work to incorporate more living books and shorter lessons. This year I am almost exclusively following Ambleside Online’s Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum.

I suppose I should share at some point why we use a Charlotte Mason approach and what that means, but for now, the nutshell version would be that the 19th Century British educator Charlotte Mason promoted:

  • An emphasis on the child as person with unique needs & a desire to learn
  • Brief 10-15¬†lessons designed to encourage the habit of attentiveness
  • A rich variety of subjects including¬†Math, Reading, History, Composer Study, Art History, Foreign Language, Nature Study, & Poetry
  • A focus on copy work, narration, and dictation (in older years) as tools for learning
  • Fostering a love of literature and other subjects through classic books instead of text books & worksheets

Basically, we read and talk about what we read all.day.long! I love it and the girls seem to enjoy it too.

In the next few weeks, I will share the specific curricula, materials, and books each of my students is using and reading, including book lists, as well as how I teach all these subjects. Hint: we do a lot of looping here!

For now, I’d like to know what you are most looking forward to in your homeschool year. For me, it’s reading all the lovely books with my children.




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