Grapevine Studies: Review of “The Birth of Jesus – Beginner” Study

Grapevine Studies--Birth of Jesus - Beginner- Study: A Review

Bible study is a regular part of our day. Beginning our school days in God’s Word and prayer is foundational. So I’m always on the lookout for new curricula or Bible study materials to use with our girls that challenges them in new ways, applies different learning styles, and works for multiple ages. Recently, Grapevine Studies provided me with the opportunity to take my little ones on a journey to Bethlehem to learn about Jesus’ birth in their Birth of Jesus- Beginner study.

In exchange for my honest review, I received a digital download of Birth of Jesus- Beginner (ages 5-7) and Traceable for Beginner (ages 3-6) from Grapevine Studies

What is Grapevine Studies?

Grapevine Studies Review
Grapevine Studies is a Bible study curriculum for children ages 5-14. Their method of teaching young children the Bible is through Hearing, Drawing, and Reviewing. First, children listen to the Bible story being read aloud. Then, using stick figures, they draw the story as they heard it. Finally, the teacher or parent reviews the story by asking the children questions.

Beginning with first grade, children create a timeline of Bible characters and events around which subsequent lessons revolve. For older students, lessons incorporate Bible geography, require more scripture passages to look up, and teach Bible study skills like how to use a Bible dictionary.

Still, regardless the age, the mission of Grapevine Studies is the same: to introduce the gospel to children and to teach them essential Bible study skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Grapevine Studies offers Studies by Topic (i.e., Esther, Old & New Testament overviews, the Resurrection) and Studies by Level (i.e., Traceables from ages 3-5, up to Level 4 for ages 14+, and a Multi-level option for ages 7 & up). You can find sample lessons by Topic or Level here.

Grapevine Studies are available in book or e-book format depending on your need.

About the “Birth of Jesus – Beginner” Study

Grapevine Studies Review

The Birth of Jesus – Beginner study features 7 weekly or 14 daily lessons. For this study you will need to purchase the 26-page Teacher Book with lesson notes, memory verses, review questions, and key points and a 30-page Student Book consisting of lessons pages, timelines, maps, memory verses, and reviews. There is also a Traceable book that includes pre-drawn stick figures for young children to trace and color. This is a perfect tool for the 3-5 year old crowd. Each book is sold separately.

How We Used Grapevine Studies

Grapevine Studies - 1

Since my girls are ages 7 and younger, I used the Beginner level (for ages 5-7) as well as the Traceables. Because I had the e-book format, I was able to print out what I needed for each child. The beauty of having the traceables is that if my little ones don’t feel confident drawing stick figures themselves, they can simply trace the ones on their paper. One day my 5-year-old wanted to trace and another day she wanted to draw them, so I printed off either the blank page or the traceable page for her each day. My 3-year-old always used the traceable, and my 7-year-old always wanted to the blank page. Perfect!

Here is a screenshot of the super cute traceable page:

Screen Shot Mary traceable - GV

Here’s a run-down of what we did each day:

Following prayers, hymns, and memory work, I discussed with the kids who or what we were reading about for the day. Each lesson breaks the scripture readings down box by box. So, as I read the scriptures listed in the first box, my children traced or drew the picture. Then, we moved to the next box and did the same thing. There are 4 boxes per lesson. At the end there are some review questions to check comprehension.

Each lesson for the Beginner is very short, which is ideal for little ones. I think, on average, we were done in about 10-15 minutes tops. Compared with a typical Bible reading and discussion for us, this study was a drop in the bucket. So I allowed the children to color their stick figures and add details as we read more from the Bible, perhaps some cross-references that I looked up.

Grapevine Studies - 2My Takeaway

Overall, I really like Grapevine Studies‘ approach to Bible study with children. My girls love to be drawing or coloring during Bible reading, so drawing stick figures worked nicely. I also love that it’s open-and-go, meaning I don’t have to do any prep work other than print off the student sheets each day. It’s that simple.

My biggest grievance would be that the Birth of Jesus study for Beginners is very, very basic. Of course it’s for the youngest children, but my girls already knew the story. Next time I would order at least a Level 1, maybe Level 2, to challenge them more.

Still, all in all, my girls enjoyed doing their Bible study everyday because it was enjoyable and drawing or tracing their stick figures was FUN! I will definitely be using Grapevine Studies again in the future.

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Grapevine Studies Review 
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