2nd Grade Curriculum — 2015-2016


Of all 4 of our children, academically-speaking, Kate is my Mini-Me. She’s an avid reader, loves history and writing, and has a real affinity for languages. This year we’re learning (a little) Latin and Spanish, and she’s already claimed they’re her favorite subjects. Sounds just like me.

Unlike me, Kate is very outgoing, adventurous, fashion-savvy, and fun-loving. She’s also headstrong and opinionated, so our homeschool can be a little emotional at times. Still, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

While I really believe education is more than what gets accomplished, here are the books and curriculum we’re using for second grade:

The books, materials, and curriculum we're using in our homeschool for second grade.2nd Grade Curriculum

Along with Bible, we do Math, Copywork, and Reading daily. Here are the materials we are using this year:

Saxon Math 2: For math, we really like Saxon. It utilizes the spiral approach, meaning that a concept is taught a little bit at a time, reviewed, and then spiraled back and built upon until the student grasps the concept. It works for us now, but I have decided to supplement this year with Developmental Math 2 to make sure Kate is comprehending what she’s learning. Math isn’t her strong suit, so I want to ensure she’s really getting it. We’ll supplement monthly.


Copywork: While I love A Reason for Handwriting, this year I bought a font and created my own copywork for Kate. In this way, I can create exactly what I want for her to copy: scriptures she’s learning, passages from literature she’s reading, and selections from history and science we’re reading this year. Plus, I can create copywork in both manuscript and cursive.

Reading: We aren’t doing a formal reading curriculum now since Kate is reading fluently. Instead, she has a list of books she’s required to read. Sometimes she narrates to me. Other times I have her write 1-2 sentences about what she read. I’ll share our booklists soon.

Language Arts

For language arts, Kate is doing grammar, writing, spelling, and oral readings. This year instead of assigning a subject per day, I’ve put all 4 on a loop. We work for about 20 minutes in the afternoon on whichever subject is next on our list. If we finish before the 20 minutes are up, which we usually do, then, we move on to the next subject. The next day we will pick up where we left off.

Here’s what we’re using for language arts:

For grammar:

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Vol. 2 — We used Vol. 1 last year, and I like that it’s concise, short, and to the point. It’s classical, so there is memorizing and repetition, but this suits Kate. Plus, we read some neat poems and do some picture studies, too.

For writing:

Writing with Ease, Level 1 –This is our first year using WWE. It’s essentially additional copywork and narration using classic literature. We’re going to give it a trial run, but since Kate already does both on a daily basis, I’m not sure it’s necessary. We’ll see.

For spelling:

Spelling Workout B: We’re finishing this book up from last year. I’m really not sold at all on Spelling Workout, but at this point, I can’t handle an intensive curriculum like All About Spelling. Kate will have weekly spelling “tests” with the words used in the SW lessons, but that’s really all I’m going to do with spelling this year.

For the oral reading, Kate will read from a passage of one of her assigned books.

Content-Rich Subjects

Kate will do all the Content-Rich Subjects listed including Bible, History, Geography, Science, Latin, Literature, Nature Study, Read-Aloud Time, and Fine Arts with her sisters.

Life Skills


Some life skills Kate will be working on include the following:

  • Learning how to make salads and sandwiches and cook eggs
  • Learning how to wash clothes
  • Continuing to work independently in her school work
  • Developing a stronger work ethic through more responsibilities inside and out of the house
  • Working on being a peacemaker
  • Serving joyfully and voluntarily

Kate, Cora, and I are working through Home Economics for Homeschoolers. This is a great book with weekly lessons on home ec for little girls.

Additionally, Kate will continue to serve as Mommy’s Helper 2 days a week.

Bible Verses to Learn

The verses Kate and I will be working on this year include the following:

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to our weekly Community Bible Study, Kate participates in gymnastics one afternoon a week and twice a month takes an Art Class.


It’s going to be a fun year!!



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  1. Love your list! It’s similar to ours. I’m not sold on Spelling Workout either, but I ended up deciding to keep it because 1) it works 2) it’s easy on me…but then at the last minute, I switched phonics for my middle child and decided to go with Spell to Read & Write for all of the kids. So no more Spelling Workout. I’ll let you know how SWR goes. It’s a little overwhelming!
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