Gentle Preschool Curriculum — 2015-2016

In this post I share what our gentle preschool looks like including curriculum, Bible verses, and life skills we're working on.

My three-year-old daughter Annabeth is a little firecracker. If there’s a clown in every family, then she’s ours. She’s always trying to make people laugh with her silly faces and made-up words, so while I am excited she wants to “do school” like her big sisters, I am also a little sad. Why can’t time slow down a little?!

Preschool Curriculum

Ordinarily, at age 3, my girls are still doing puzzles, playing with their dolls, and “reading” books with some Sing Spell Read & Write Preschool thrown in for good measure. But this year I have had the opportunity to review Horizons Preschool for Threes, and let’s just say Annabeth pulls out her school basket to read her Bible story and do her worksheets. {I’ll share my review of Preschool for Threes in the next 2-3 weeks.}

Still, the curriculum is light and gentle for little learners, and I never push beyond what she wants to do. She’s only 3.

Content-Rich Subjects

In addition to her daily work, Annabeth will also sit with her sisters for the Content-Rich Subjects like Bible, Morning Time, Latin, Read-Aloud Time, and Afternoon Learning. It’s amazing what she is able to pick up and retain just by sitting and listening. Plus, it’s good for her to learn the discipline of sitting still. My girls are allowed to color, draw, build with blocks, or do puzzles while I read, so they aren’t just sitting there.

Life Skills

Annabeth will work on the following skills:

  • Making her bed
  • Putting away both clean & dirty laundry
  • Helping to set the table

Also, she will continue to serve as Mommy’s Helper 2 days a week.

Bible Verses to Learn

We all have our character issues, and hiding God’s Word in our hearts is a sure way to help us improve in those areas of weakness. The verses Annabeth and I will work on together this year include the following:

She will also be learning other verses during Bible time with her sisters.


Preschool should be fun and gentle. If Annabeth would prefer to play with her baby sister or color, then that’s fine. I don’t push learning at this age as there are plenty of years of book learning ahead. Right now, life is her school, and she is learning the important lessons of obedience, kindness, sharing, and diligence.


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