Weekly Meal Plan for June 7-13

Finally! We finish school this Wednesday. I’ve felt like we’ve been slogging through the mire these last few weeks, but we are almost there! To celebrate we’re having an ice cream sundae party because, well, sweets are our happy place. We’ll take the rest of the week off. Then, next week the big girls are going to grandparents’ camp. When they return we’ll resume a relaxed summer schedule and begin our Summer of Learning.

summer reading at library

the summer reading program at our local library

What’s coming up on the blog

Later this week I’ll be sharing my summer reading list. If you are interested, here’s last year’s list. Surprise surprise! I actually read all of the books on my list!

I’m also working on our 2015-2016 homeschool curriculum with a second grader and a kindergartener. We won’t start our new curriculum until August, but I’m finishing planning over the summer and hope to share in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I do want to share what curriculum has worked for us {because we changed a few things up that were not working} as well as our last day of school photos.

If you’re in the planning process now, I highly recommend 

From Danika Cooley’s Thinking Kids Blog:

These are FREE beautifully illustrated journals you can print out and write on as you pray over what you want your school year to look like.

On to our weekly meal plan…

Here’s our weekly meal plan:

Weekly Meal Plan


Philly Cheese Steak with caramelized onions & peppers {Daniel is cooking this now, and it smells incredible. His recipe, which means he made it up spontaneously. He has a skill that I lack.}



Greek Meatballs with Avocado Tzatziki Sauce & hummus



Healthy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce on spaghetti squash with salad


Sloppy Joes

Naked Sloppy Joes {no buns for us} with green beans & fries


Steak Fajitas

Pioneer Woman’s Beef Fajitas {on lettuce} with guacamole


Gluten-free pepperoni & mushroom pizza



What’s on your menu for the week? Any big plans this summer?


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  1. Keri,
    I truly love your blog, and I’m greatly inspired! So, I saw that you’re going to be working on your ’15-’16 curriculum guide. I’m going to be working on my first ever homeschooling curriculum guide for my two preschoolers. Did you happen to have a preschool guide for this past school year? I’m trying to glean ideas for our new school. Thanks and blessings!
    Your cousin,

    • Hi, Heather! Thank you!! I am working on curriculum for Kate (2nd grade) and Cora (K). Annabeth will be in preschool. In the past, we’ve done a variety of things for preschool. Let me be honest and say that I am not a fun, crafty mom. We do lots of reading and playing. My favorite curricula for preschool are Before Five in a Row (a literature based unit study for little ones), Sing Spell Read & Write preschool kit (an all-in-one curriculum), and ABC Jesus Loves Me and Hubbards Cupboard (both free websites where you can print curriculum off). I’d love to help if you need more information. Just email me. Best of luck!