Our Summer of Learning 2015

Summer time is upon us. Many have finished their school year and are enjoying the freedom of being out of school and all that entails. Even though we school year round I, too, am anticipating a little respite from the daily grind, a more relaxed schedule with the opportunity to work on some skills, catch up on some good books, and learn about some topics of interest that we didn’t get to during the school year.

Even during the summer months, though, our family thrives on structure, so we will continue to have a routine — although modified. How we school during the summer will look a little different than it does on a daily basis throughout the regular school year.

Here’s a glimpse at what our summer of learning willlook like:

Summer of Learning: Our Plans for 2015

Skill Development


  • Learn how to tie shoes: Yes, my children should know how to do this but slip-ons and Velcro have clearly won the day, I’m ashamed to admit.
  • Teach the preschooler how to set the table and clean her room.
  • Teach the 4-year-old how to call 911, make sure she knows her address and phone number, and enroll her in swim lessons.
  • Teach the 6-year-old how to pack a lunch, improve her sweeping skills, pick up in the bathroom after herself, and enroll her in swim lessons.


3 girls library book

  • Summer Reading Challenge: This year we’re trying to expand our reading selections with a genre challenge. Still, the goal is to read, read, read all summer long to keep up our reading skills.
  • Daily read-aloud time:Read-aloud time is such a fixture of our days that I can’t imagine stopping for summer. This summer we’ll continue to read the books on our 1st grade reading list.
  • Math drills: Before Kate starts 2nd grade math, I want her to have her math facts (addition and subtraction) memorized. We are using Math Fact Cafe and Math Facts Express (app).
  • Continue science & history: We love our history curriculum. In fact, it’s one of our favorite parts of the day. So we’re going to keep reading through the book and learning about Ancient History in hopes that we will finish and move on to the Middle Ages in August. We’ve also just started Simply Charlotte Mason’s Outdoor Secrets, and the girls LOVE it. So we’ll keep doing it too.
  • Morning Time: I’ve mentioned before MT is one of those things that’s working for us. If we get nothing else accomplished in a day but MT, then I feel like we’ll be okay. This summer we’re going to read through The Child’s Story Bible and work on memorizing Psalm 23 and the Beatitudes.

For Fun


  • The girls have asked to learn more about sea creatures. I think it’s from all the Octonauts they’ve been watching 🙂 So, I’m going to create a unit study.
  • Five in a Row: When Kate was little, we “rowed” several books and really enjoyed reading classics like Corduroy and Madeline together. I haven’t done FIAR in a while, and it would be perfect to do this summer with the three big girls.
  • Art: We’ll also keep working through Artistic Pursuits because we like it.
  • Poetry reading tea parties: On Fridays, when we’re home, we have afternoon tea and read poetry together. I read a few poems, and I let the girls pick out a poem or two to read while we sip chamomile and nibble on sandwiches and fruit. I’m looking forward to the lazy summer days to really get back into this habit.

For Mama

Summer 2014 Reading List

  • My plans for me this summer include reading, writing, and playing the piano. I’ll also be researching curricula and planning for the fall when I’ll have a 2nd grader and a kindergartener on board. {I’ll share soon my summer reading plan. For now, you can see what I read last summer.}

Of course, we’ll be going to the library every week, playing outside, taking swim lessons, and enjoying summer but we will also be learning.

Do you do any learning in the summer? What does it look like?


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