Wear Your Baby

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Wear Your Baby

As I mentioned before, with my first child I practiced more of an attachment style of parenting. We co-slept, demand-fed, and did a lot of baby-wearing. Of the three, only one has really carried over into my present style of parenting, and that is wearing my baby.

Our first daughter cried a lot, and most days I had to carry or hold her in order to soothe her. But sitting on the couch all day holding a baby was not an option for me. I had a house to clean, dinner to make, errands to run, and chores to do. The only way to get anything accomplished was to wear my daughter.

In the comfort of my arms, close to my heart, she would nuzzle up and fall asleep. As my daughter aged, I still wore her but she would stay awake, watching me while I cooked or swept the floor. While I worked I would talk to her, explaining what Mommy was doing, singing songs to her, and telling stories as we hiked through the woods. My Ergo was a lifesaver for me and for my daughter.

Through the years and subsequent children, I have continued to use the same baby carrier, and it has proven even more helpful with small children in tow. What Mama doesn’t need an extra hand? With my baby in the Ergo, I could “hold” her and hold my children’s hands. Even now, with my fourth daughter, the Ergo is one of a very few baby necessities I have.

This isn’t an ad for the Ergo, although I highly recommend it. Rather, if you’re struggling with a colicky or high-needs baby or if you just want to hold your baby close, then the Ergo or any other baby carrier might be the answer to your prayers.

Here are some helpful links on how & why to wear your baby:

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Benefits of baby wearing in a sling baby carrier from closeparent.com

Have you done babywearing?

What’s your baby carrier of choice? 


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my introductory post! My favorite carrier is my Moby Wrap, hands down. I LOVE it so much I have two. 🙂
    Dusty @To the Moon and Back recently posted…Book Drive for Children at the Shelter HomeMy Profile

  2. Baby wearing is so helpful when you have multiple kids. With our third baby’s favorite carrier is the Moby. Love the ingot on how beneficial baby wearing is!
    Becca@Three Plus Me recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  3. This is a blessing for mothers with little babies. I haven’t tried that brand but if God grants another… 🙂 Thanks for sharing these helpful posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Glad to see you up and around with health!
    JES recently posted…Apothecary Herb Labels {Free Printable} ~ Home Pharmacy SeriesMy Profile

  4. When I first started having children I wasn’t crazy about baby wearing, but as each child was introduced into our family I needed to wear my baby! I didn’t wear my first, my second was worn a bit here and there, but once my third was introduced…well, I started baby wearing! 🙂 It turned into more of a necessity than anything, and by the time the fifth came around I loved wearing that precious baby.
    Caroline recently posted…A Mother’s FearsMy Profile

    • I am actually the opposite, Caroline. With my first, I wore her all the time, but with #4, I only wear her on walks or errands. She’s a chill baby so she sleeps in her crib most of the time. Yet, there have been times when I have worn her to keep her close by while we did school, and those are sweet moments.