A Few of My Favorite Baby Things (for Breastfeeding)

This is Day 6 of our series on “Surviving & Thriving with a Newborn” — part of the 31 day writing challenge hosted by the Nester. Every day in October I’ll be sharing a tip about how to make the most of and enjoy the sleep-deprived newborn days. For a list of all the posts in this series, click here.

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Each week this month, I will share with you some of my favorite baby things. I don’t think babies require much although Babies-R- Us and other baby retailers would suggest otherwise. Still, I want to share a few items each week that I think are worthy investments — or at least have been for our family.

This week I’m focusing on . . .

Nursing Essentials

Boppy Pillow

If you’re nursing, a Boppy is a great help. I’ve had mine since baby #1, and in those first few weeks, my Boppy is always close by. It provides support for tired arms and makes nursing much more comfortable, especially for a first-time Mama. The Boppy also provides a nice soft spot for baby’s tummy time. The covers are interchangeable and washable, so you can change them out depending on baby’s gender or your preferences.

Lanolin Cream

In the early days and weeks of nursing, you’ll need something to soothe, protect and heal cracked nipples. Lanolin is like a lotion for your sensitive bits that works wonders! Plus, it’s 100% natural so you don’t have to worry if the baby ingests it; you can apply it and feed. I used the same tube of Lansinoh Lanolin with my first 3 babes but by number 4, it was time for a new one. This stuff is essential for breastfeeding Mamas!

 Nursing Pads

Unless you don’t mind wet spots on your clothes, another must-have are nursing pads. The kind I buy are disposable, but you can buy and even make your own cloth nursing pads. I’m just not that skilled. These nursing pads by Lansinoh stick inside your nursing bra and absorb excess milk so you don’t leak. I use these for at least the first 3 months, and when I don’t, I’m a wet mess.

Nursing Cover

If you plan to do any nursing outside the home — or even at home if you expect to have visitors around — you’ll need a nursing cover. Sure you could use a blanket, but as baby gets older, she’ll be easily distracted, and you’ll want something covering you up when she pulls the blanket off. Trust me on this one. A nursing cover, like this one from Bebe Au Lait, is made so you can look your little one in the eye as he’s nursing. Plus, it has a terry cloth pocket for clean-up and storage, and it’s machine washable. I love how mine is large enough to cover me completely and that it folds up easily. This is a one-time purchase, so make an investment in a good quality nursing cover like this one.

What do YOU recommend for the breastfeeding Mama? Any favorites?


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  1. I recommend all of these things except maybe the cover…. I’ve always done okay using a blanket, my clothing, or the loose end of the sling carrier, but I am small-busted and may have been lucky with my first child not minding fabric touching his face. My second baby is 5 months now and hasn’t needed a special cover so far.

    I wore nursing bras the first time around, but this time I didn’t like any of the ones I bought. I was surprised to find that my regular style of bra works as a nursing bra. I also really like cotton nursing camisoles; I wear them overnight, as tank tops in the summer, and as undershirts in the winter.
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