7/27/14 Weekly Meal Plan & Goals

Weekly Meal Plan

My parents have blessed Daniel and me with a “children-free weekend”! So what am I doing? Catching up on laundry, grocery shopping for the week, and cleaning out the car. I even vacuumed out the window sills in our house. Yuck!

Do you air out your home periodically? I’ve been reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education (aff link), and she recommends opening your windows just about an inch every so often to draw out the noxious air and pull in fresh air. For some reason, I’ve felt very stuffy in the house lately, so we’re having a nice airing out today 🙂

“…regular provision must be made for the ventilation of rooms regardless of the feelings of their inmates: at least an inch of window open at the top, day and night, renders a room tolerably safe…” (34-5)

I’m hitting 36 weeks of pregnancy this Thursday, and my energy levels are rapidly declining. So, we’re taking it easy here and just trying to get our school work done and enjoy our time together before baby arrives. And Mama is scrambling to remember what babies need and to make sure I have those things.

On Thursday, our dear church friends Martha and Ginny are having us over after school for sewing lessons. Then, on Friday, I will be leaving for our annual CBS summer retreat, which I am very excited about, especially since we’ll be discussing A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God (aff link). I LOVE that book!

So, here’s what’s on our meal plan for the week:

Be sure to follow my Menu Plan board on Pinterest for these and more great recipes!


B: Eggs, bacon, toast & jelly

L: Leftovers

S: Mexican Chopped Salad w/ cheese quesadillas & Chocolate Pudding Pie (because we’re child-less and I can)


B: Eggs, yogurt, & fruit

L: Pizza bagels & apple slices

S: Whole Chicken Slow Cooker w/ Creamy Mashed Potatoes, green peas, and homegrown sliced ‘maters


B: Oatmeal w/ blueberries & eggs

L: PB & J and carrot sticks

S: Meximelts {double recipe & freeze} w/ guacamole, lettuce, & tomatoes and Oven-Baked Spanish Rice


B: Yogurt w/ cinnamon & fresh peaches or scrambled eggs

L: Leftover meximelts w/ fruit

S: Vegetarian Enchiladas w/ black beans, spinach, and homegrown fresh corn {because Wednesdays we go meatless}


B: Eggs or oatmeal w/ blueberries

L: Out

S: Easy One-Skillet Lasagna w/ salad


B: Chocolate-chip pancakes w/ eggs & fruit

L: Black bean nachos

S: Pizza {I’ll try to have the ingredients ready so Daddy can make it.}


I will be gone so meals are up to Daddy. We have lots of food in the freezer, so he shouldn’t have any trouble scrounging something up or defrosting a meal 🙂

For these & other great meal ideas, follow me on Pinterest!

My Goals for the Week

Last week’s goals + additions for this week:

  • Make a list of baby needs
  • Start rereading Continue skimming Baby Wise (aff link)
  • Make batch of Pizza Roll-Ups & double batch of Spicy Pumpkin Muffins (from this cookbook although I use an older edition)/ I did make the muffins and they were delicious. Too bad I shared and none were frozen 🙂 This week I’m going to make these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins my kids adore.
  • Write blog posts {ruh-roh – Maybe this week I’ll be inspired to write something :)}
  • Draft two guest posts (one due 7/25 for this *new* blog, coming soon!) / I did get one done; the other is almost finished! I will finish it this week.
  • Do more research on how to implement aspects of our homeschool curriculum using Charlotte Mason approach, especially how to do art, music, geography, nature study, and history.
  • Revise our homeschool daily schedule
  • Start a sewing project with my daughter
  • Begin daily scripture memory work w/ kids

That’s our week, folks! Hope you have a great one!


*What are your favorite things to do when you are kid-free?

*What’s your favorite dessert? Mine are chocolate pie and blackberry cobbler. Hands down.

*Do you sew? Any advice for a newbie?


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  1. Talked to your mom yesterday and saw the girls at church….glad you are doing well and congrats on another little princess! Love how you make lists, I do too! Feels good to cross things off : )

    P.S. Toss that Babywise book out! ; )

    • Thanks, Holli. We’re getting excited to meet her 🙂 I’m totally addicted to lists; take after my Dad in that regard. And, yes, I love that feeling of crossing off the things I get done! It’s just the things that don’t get finished that make me a little crazy.

      Don’t worry. I’m not a strict BW-er. I was all attachment parent/co-sleeping/nurse on demand with Kate (the oldest), and it nearly killed me. So, then I went BW with Cora almost to the extreme. Not pretty but better than it was with Kate for sure. With Annabeth, I did a kinda middle road and it was good. I just like how BW emphasizes creating and maintaining a routine to establish good eating and sleeping habits from the get-go. There’s some wisdom in it but also some of it that I ignore.

      Hope your family is doing well 🙂