Our Summer Homeschooling Routine: A Work in Progress

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I posted recently about our decision to homeschool year round.

The freedom and flexibility a year-round schedule provides is a boon to my type-A personality of getting things done and not wasting time. Plus, my little ones crave the structure. As does Mama.

However, summer time homeschooling, I’m realizing, is a different breed.

Because many families — homeschooling and non-homeschooling — are taking a break from academics to have some much-needed down time, there are more opportunities for social engagements as well as more community events in which to participate. There’s also this issue of hot weather.

Since Tennessee is now hitting the 90s around lunch time — the time we would normally finish our school work and venture out to play — that means we either do one of three things:

  1. Lather ourselves in sunscreen and sweat outside for a very short time;
  2. Forego outdoor play time altogether; or
  3. Revise our school routine to accommodate outdoor play time.

Unfortunately, excessive heat seems to create grumbly children and an even grumpier Mama. And no outdoor time leads to constant begging for TV time.

A more flexible summer homeschooling ideology is key. One where there’s time to play and time to learn, a time for play dates and a time for focused instruction. In balance.

So, while I’d like for us to continue a rigorous school routine during the summer, summer time for our homeschool must be more relaxed and flexible in order for my kids to want to participate and for us to be involved with activities with friends and family.

Enter the Summer Homeschooling Routine.

Growing in His Glory: Our Summer Homeschool Routine


Our Summer Homeschooling Routine

(Note: These times are approximations. We’re more a “routine,” not a “schedule,” family.)

7:00 Breakfast

7:30 Clean-up kitchen

7:45 Outside Play

Often times while the girls play I will work in the garden, chop veggies for supper, catch up on reading, make phone calls, etc. By 9:00 the temperature is already pushing over 80 degrees here, so the girls are usually ready to retreat to the cool of the house.


9:00 Morning Chores

This includes the girls’ “5 Things” plus laundry duties and any chores I have.

9:30 Bible Study Time

We’re studying Genesis now. {I’ll share more on this AMAZING curriculum we’re using very soon!}

10:00 School {Calendar work, Math, Reading, & Handwriting}

I make sure that we always get to the basics first thing, so if in the afternoon, we want to swim, go to the library, or visit friends, we’ve at least accomplished the 3 R’s.

11:00 Light snack / Chores / Free Play or Errands


Most days we stay home, but there are exceptions when a grocery run or errand is necessary.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Read Aloud

Here are some of our favorites. We’re currently reading Adam & His Kin by Ruth Beechick for history.

1:00 – 3:00 Naps or Quiet Time

The oldest naps maybe once or twice a week tops, so during this time she reads and finishes her Math work. Plus, we work on Grammar & History or Science. This time period is when Mama rests too. I try not to do any chores except what I can do sitting down and usually I read or write.

3:00 Snacks / Free Play

Once a week we do an Art project. Other days we read a chapter book together.

3:30 Afternoon Chores


4:00 Water play outside under the shade trees

At 4:00 it’s still hot, but we try to get back outside for at least 30 minutes, often longer, to play. We have a kiddy pool and water slide stationed under the shade trees, or we just spray each other with the hose.

4:30 Baths / Video

Baths are fun way to clean up and unwind. The girls have been watching Season 1 of “Little House on the Prairie” and loving it. They watch one 45-minute episode per day.

5:30 Tidy house before Daddy comes home / Meal prep

Then, it’s time to straighten up the living room and bed rooms before Daddy arrives. The girls do this while I finish supper.

6:00 Daddy’s Home & Dinner

The rest of the evening involves playing with Daddy, reading books, and getting ready for bed.

While I’d like to say this is our daily routine, that would not be true. Since we started school June 1, we’ve only had 12 full days of school. I’m okay with that though. It’s summer time and my girls are getting the outdoor play time they need, participating in summer activities with their friends, and doing school when we can.

What does your summer homeschool schedule look like?  

Is it a challenge for you to homeschool during the summer?

Any advice for a newbie?

**For more summer homeschooling ideas, check out this round-up at Homeschool Encouragement.**




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  1. I think I am a type “a” based off what you wrote which is probably why I school year round too! 🙂 I think your schedule looks good but I would cut ours off after lunch. We do a really relaxed summer school with the three r’s in the morning when the brain is fresh. When it gets hot around 3-ish is when we read (and we don’t even consider that school since we love it so much :). In between it all when activities come, I call them field trips, when food is to be canned, I call it home economics, when there is swimming, I call it P.E., if we watch Little House, I call it history and so forth until I call it “a day”…
    JES recently posted…The Art of Home-Making Mondays ~ Please Join Us for Link-Up #6My Profile

    • I love it, JES! You’re right! Those activities are all educational, and I want my girls to be involved in them too. Guess I need to work on being a little more relaxed this summer 🙂 That would certainly be good for me as I’m a month away from having a baby, yet I feel like we really need to dig deep while we can. It’s certainly a balancing act.

      Thanks for your encouragement and advice!
      Keri recently posted…Our Summer Homeschooling Routine: A Work in ProgressMy Profile


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