My 2014 Goals: A Mid-Year Update

My 2014 Goals: A Mid-Year Update -

Unbelievable. The year is halfway over. Where does the time go? Days seem to drag by like molasses, yet the weeks and months pass by like lightening. I can’t keep up.

While I, unfortunately, had to call it quits on the monthly goals linkup, I did want to report on my progress (or lack thereof) on my goals for 2014. Just to see how I’m doing. So you can see that I’m not as focused and disciplined as you might think 😉

Here goes . . .

My Goals for 2014


(1) Develop a regular daily prayer time.

A few things have helped me tremendously in my progress in this goal:

A Prayer Journal: 1 Tool to Improve Your Prayer Life

  • Creating a prayer journal that I use daily
  • Making myself get up at 5:30 most mornings for quiet time, prayer, & Bible study
  • Reading this book and this book
  • My Community Bible Study class, where I’ve learned the importance of praying & seen God answer *so* many prayers

I certainly have not arrived as a praying person. I still struggle with:

  • An {improving} fear of praying aloud
  • Inconsistent prayers
  • A lack of faith that God hears and answers all my prayers

And I would really like to be a person who spontaneously prays–just whenever, just because. Not out of fear or necessity but out of gratitude and thanksgiving.

(2) Work on character issues with my girls.

Oh my. Character training is a daily (can I say, minutely?) task at our house, where selfishness, sibling rivalry, an aversion to sharing, laziness, ingratitude, and just about every sin you can imagine is perpetually on parade. We’ve gone through character studies I have written as well as some from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We’ve read Bible stories looking at examples of character flaws God’s people struggled with and how God dealt with them. And, still, day after day, we’re struggling with the very same issues.

I have a feeling that we’ll be working on character issues until our children grow up and leave the nest although how we handle them will likely change. Still, there’s something to be said for perseverance.


(3) Exercise at least 3 days a week.

5K Race

While we got off to a rough start, I think we’ve finally found our groove in terms of going to the gym and working out. Busy schedules limited us to only exercising 2 days a week, but now we go to the YMCA on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week, depending on our evening activities.

While I’ve given up running for now, I’m really enjoying cycling and lifting weights to strengthen my leg and arm muscles. After the baby arrives, I’m eager to get my whole body back in shape 😉

(4) Improve our family’s diet.

This is another area, like character training, that is an ongoing goal. There’s always room for improvement in what our family eats although I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies with each meals by:

  • Slicing fruit to go on plain yogurt, cereal or oatmeal
  • Sauteeing spinach with my eggs in the morning
  • Keeping a plate of carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and grape tomatoes at the ready when someone’s feeling snacky
  • Always having fresh fruit and offering it first as a snack
  • Keeping our freezer stocked with frozen veggies & fruits

We still have a ways to go. I’d like to make more of our snack foods instead of relying on granola bars so much, but right now, my energy level by afternoon is zero. I’d really like to make these one day soon though.


(5) Read 40 books.

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Keri has
read 12 books toward her goal of 40 books.

Okay, I’m slacking here. While I’m reading 5 books right now, I can’t seem to get any of them finished. I really need some good fiction books to captivate me: nonfiction just doesn’t read fast enough for me. I’m always highlighting, making notes, and thinking too much about it to finish. Any recommendations?

{See what books I’ve read this year: Follow my “Books I’ve Read in 2014” board on Pinterest.}

(6) Write something every day.

Thanks to my prayer journal, this goal is seeing some achievement most days. However, I confess, this is a recent occurrence. During the busy year, time was of the essence in the morning, so not much writing actually got done. Now, I’m writing a little something each day–whether a prayer, a blog post, thoughts about the day, or notes on a book I’m reading.

Writing really is the best way for me to process: life, what I’m reading, everything. But I have to prioritize to make it happen.


(7) Say yes to social opportunities.


With summer upon us and the break from our formal commitments, I’ve become a bit reclusive. Yes, we’re homeschooling through the summer, but we’re at home a lot. As an introvert by nature, all this time at home with the kids has quickly turned me antisocial. Instead of wanting to do something with a friend, I just crave time to myself. In quiet. Alone.

However, I recognize that lots of isolation isn’t healthy: I need friendships. But I also need down time. So, right now, I’m trying to find a healthy balance, saying “yes” to play dates and time with friends when I can and taking an evening off when I can to be alone.

(8) Regular date nights with my husband.

Yea! One goal I have actually been successful at. We are so blessed with wonderful parents who love our kids and will keep them any time so we can go out. Monthly date nights–out of the house, no kids, no cooking–have really helped restore a sense of equilibrium in our marriage. Without them I feel like an extension of my kids instead of a wife. Date nights encourage us to connect in ways we can’t at home with loquacious children.

Did you set any goals this year? How are you doing with them? 

Come back next week when my friend Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker shares her post on Accomplishing Goals the Stupid-Easy Way 🙂

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  1. Wow! You were quite ambitious with your goal setting, though I have to admit I’m working on many of those areas myself. I primarily read non-fiction and its slow going for the reasons you describe – because I’m always learning something, which is the point anyway. I did just buy a new book by Randy Singer called the Advocate. I just started it, but it’s a fictional account of the life of Theopolis (the one Luke and Acts were written to.) It’s historically accurate, but the premise is that Theopolis is Paul’s court-appointed attorney and the letters were written as a background for him to use in court.
    Lisa recently posted…BLIND TO THE TRUTHMy Profile

  2. Great post, Keri! The Praying Life by Paul Miller is a great book – glad to see that you recommended it.

    • Thanks, Virginia. Yes, that book is excellent. It took me forever to read it because it’s just so rich. Definitely a book to read and read again!