Homeschooling 1st Grade & PreK: Our 2014-2015 Curriculum

Homeschooling 1st Grade & PreK Curriculum

As I mentioned in my post on year round homeschooling, we aren’t concerned with grade levels. My girls are ages 5 1/2, 3 1/2, and 2, and, by law, my oldest Kate doesn’t have to start school until October when she turns 6. However, she’s been wanting to learn how to read since she was 4, so it just made sense to start “school” when she was ready.

While technically Kate would be entering kindergarten this fall, we actually completed her kindergarten work plus some first grade-level materials in 2013-2014. You can check out the kindergarten curriculum we used as well as the changes I made after discovering I needed something more structured.

That being said, we’ll be resuming our studies next week, and Kate will begin a complete first grade-level curriculum and her little sister, who is also very eager to read now that big sister reads independently, will continue preschool & start on PreK-level work.

In this post, I share the curriculum we’re planning to use for homeschooling 1st grade & PreK, the current levels of our children.

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Homeschooling 1st Grade

Saxon 1 Math: A scripted, all-inclusive math curriculum that includes calendar work. My daughter loved Saxon K and we’re eager to start this one. If you get it, be sure to buy the manipulative kit.

Sing, Spell, Read, & Write Kindergarten/Level 1 Combo Kit: We finished the Kindergarten work last winter and dove straight into Level 1 work, which we’ll continue this year. We LOVE SSRW because of the catchy phonics songs, the readers, the activities & games, everything. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it as my younger children will also use the program.

A Reason for Handwriting: After finishing the Kindergarten Student Workbook, we started Manuscript A and will follow up with Manuscript B. This year she’ll be copying scriptures as handwriting practice. A great curriculum for a Bible-centered homeschool. We love the 10-15-minute lessons.

New Curriculum/Materials

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 1: While SSRW incorporates grammar too, I felt like we needed a little more, and this text, which uses a Classical approach, came highly recommended. The short scripted lessons, copy work, narration, and poetry piqued my curiosity. I’m eager to see how we like it.



Biblioplan Year 1-The Ancients: This history/geography/literature/Bible history curriculum is also brand new for us. Biblioplan uses a Classical approach, cycling through 4 eras of history in 4 years, beginning with Ancients. BiblioPlan Year One covers Ancient and Biblical History from Creation to the Fall of Rome. I love the Classical, Bible-based approach to history and the fact that I can use it with multiple children. Plus, they offer a coloring book, a craft book, and timeline that I plan to use. We also will use Story of the World Volume 1 in connection with this curriculum. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Discovering Nature Series: “All Nature Sings” {Queen Homeschool Supplies}: We’re taking a Charlotte Mason approach to science this year to get our feet wet because, honestly, I’m not ready for Apologia, although that’s where I think we’ll be heading next. This nature series consists of 12 volumes based on the child’s age. “All Nature Sings” is geared toward the elementary student and combines stories with nature study based on forest plants and animals, dinosaurs, and creation.


“Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters”: This book combines art history/appreciation with technique through art projects based on great artists’ styles. I like that the projects are classified beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We will supplement with Mike Venezia’s “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists” series.


COAH's World's Greatest Composers Series

Confessions of a Homeschooler’s “The World’s Greatest Composers Study Volume 1”: This study focuses on 8 famous composers and their works and introduces the orchestra and its parts. We’ll also supplement with Venezia’s “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers” series.

Homeschooling Preschool/PreK

My 3.5 year old will turn 4 in October. In the meantime, we plan to finish:

Letter of the Week

Confessions of a Homeschooler’s “Letter of the Week” curriculum: We LOVE it! Read this post for more info.

In addition, I pulled out the following materials for us to work on together:

Sing, Spell, Read, & Write Preschool EditionColors, shapes, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds,and more is covered in this fun, colorful, sing-a-long curriculum for preschoolers. Kate loved it and I hope Cora will too. 

Hooked on Phonics PreK: I found this at a used bookstore and started it with Kate. At the time she had been in a preschool where she’d already learned her letters and sounds and this curriculum was too easy for her. However, all of this is new to Cora. I like that it includes little readers, online games, and a DVD with music videos, which I think Cora will love.

Once Cora finishes “LOTW,” we plan to start COAH’s K4 curriculum and go from there.

Cora will also participate in history, science, art, & music alongside her big sister. As each child completes her curriculum materials, we’ll just keep moving forward with new materials until we need a break.

That’s a brief look at our 1st grade & preschool/preK plans. Next week I will share a glimpse into our homeschool day’s structure during the summer months.

If you’re interested, here’s a look at what we used for our {frugal} Kindergarten Curriculum.


I hope you have a great summer whether you’re homeschooling or not.

Homeschool friends, have you started making curriculum plans for your next school year?



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  1. Looks like a fun year! We have used Hooked on Phonics for years and LOVE it!!

  2. We use Saxon Math as well. My 5th is just starting the series with Saxon K and my oldest will be using Saxon Advanced Math. It’s served us well.

    You have a lovely line-up planned for the next school year! 🙂
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    Homeschooling 1st Grade & PreK: Our 2014-2015 Curriculum

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