May 2014 Goals


Making goals keeps me motivated to grow and achieve more in my life. Whether I want to improve in a specific area or learn a new hobby, the only way I can become more and be more for God, my family, my church, friends, and others, is to create goals to keep me focused.

While I am quite adept at making goals, though, keeping them and progressing in them is quite another thing. However, I’ve found that there are a few factors that help me stay on track with my goals.

  • Choose goals that I have a vested interest in. When I make goals that I think I need to work toward, I’m just not disciplined enough to do anything with them. But when I adopt goals that I’m eager to pursue, that I’m motivated to achieve, then I almost always see results.
  • Keep my goals to a minimum. Oh, I like to make oodles of goals, but then I forget what they are and of course I don’t do them. Too many goals leads to nothing getting done. So, I’m finished with making the chart of 12 zillion categories and 24 gazillion goals. Instead, I’m choosing 5-6 each month. That’s it.
  • Put those goals somewhere I can see them every minute of every day. Visibility is key to success. Out of sight, out of mind. These goals are written down in my prayer notebook and on an index card by my nightstand where I’ll see them daily.

My goals for May

1. Organize, plan & prepare for a new homeschool year beginning June 2.

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After reading Tonia’s post, I was inspired to go through all the curriculum we’ll be using this upcoming year and print out all the materials we will need as well as purchase all our supplies for the year. One of my challenges with homeschool is stopping to print worksheets and paper work as we need it. Doing the grunt work now, I hope, will save us time and my sanity down the road.

Plus, I’m eager to read through my daughter’s various books and begin planning for the new year. I’ll share soon what we’re using for 1st grade & pre-K.

For 80+ helpful sources, follow my Homeschooling Resources board on Pinterest.

2. Write 2-3 more character studies.

As I mentioned in our Homeschooling Plans for May post, a few friends and I are writing our own character studies for our children. These include memory verses, songs, challenges/goals, and daily Bible readings and activities that go along with the trait we’re working on.

So far I’ve written one on Thankfulness as we’ve been facing some serious grumblings in our family. This month I intend to write about (1) Generosity, (2) Being a peacemaker, and (3) Kindness — all issues my girls (and I!) are struggling with.

3. Make a weekly date night with my hubby.

We usually have a once a month date night where the kids stay with grandparents and we go out to dinner, but I like the el-cheapo option of staying in and watching a cheesy movie together, gorging ourselves on ice cream, sans the children.

4. Begin weekly freezer cooking.

Freezer Meals board on Pinterest

My goal is a full-freezer and deep freeze before baby girl #4 comes along in August. But I also know that there will be are nights when I simply don’t want to cook. Having a freezer full of good food already cooked and assembled brings me more joy than a new book.

My plan is to double one recipe for supper each week. You can see my plan for this week here. Follow my Freezer Meals board on Pinterest.

Four goals seems pretty doable for me this month, especially since I’m excited about each one of them.

What about you? Do you have any goals for May? I’d love to hear from you.





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  1. Last summer I printed out everything I needed for the school year, and it really does help us stay on track during the school year.

    Keeping to 4 goals for the month is an excellent idea. I tend to pile on goals and projects and not get as much done as I wish. Starting with a handful is a better idea and much more doable. Thanks for the idea!
    Sara recently posted…Thomas Jefferson Education: A Leadership EducationMy Profile

  2. This month our/my goals are simple: Complete our text books leaving us only workbooks and interest led learning for the summer, complete at least 3 crochet projects (one down, one nearly finished, and another to go), spend at least one full day a week off line (*gasp!!!*), and go to the Detroit Zoo! I will eventually be having other goals like the freezer cooking and whatnot but for now, with next years curriculum planned and the main body of this school year nearly complete I’m looking forward to mainly having down time and project time 🙂
    Chrystal recently posted…How I Choose Some Other CurriculumMy Profile