Goals: What I’m Aiming for in April

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You may or may not have noticed my absence lately on the blog. With homeschooling, chasing after three little girls, running a household, growing a new baby, and a myriad other responsibilities, life is full. I’ve decided to stop hosting the monthly goals link-up. However, I still have a few more guest posts that I’m excited to share, including one tomorrow.

My goals progress in March looks pretty pitiful, but I’m still plugging along ūüôā


Continue to commit to regular prayer time & use my Prayer Journal.

I have found the Prayer Journal to be a bit cumbersome. At night, I will occasionally write a few prayer needs and journal, but usually I pray in the mornings without it. If I were a more disciplined person, then it might work better, but, alas, right now, I am not.

Read 5 chapters of A Praying Life.

I love this book but it’s a slow read for me. Paul Miller has so much Bible knowledge and wisdom that I have to read it slowly to let it all sink in. But it has really enriched my prayer life. I highly recommend it.


Date night with Daniel.

We are blessed with wonderful parents who will keep our children at the drop of a hat, so we had a few date nights last month that blessed us richly.

Spend quality time together most evenings.

This is an area that I have to make a real effort at because after putting the girls to bed, I just want to read a book or surf the net. Daniel and I really love watching a TV series together, but we haven’t found anything really good. Suggestions??


Start “ABC’s of Godly Girls.”

I started this character curriculum and really like it, but I decided to put it on hold for a while to focus on making sure my children know their Bible stories. It saddens me to admit that my three-year-old couldn’t distinguish between Noah and Moses, so we’re reading going through ABC Jesus Loves Me¬†during our morning Bible time.

Create a chart of scriptures for discipline.

This is a work in progress. And a big project that I’m just not in a place to make happen. I’ve decided to put my scripture chart on hold for now.


Begin implementing Paine’s 5 easy tasks to do each day.

Research freezer meals and once-a-month cooking.

Begin decluttering project.

Let’s just say I get a big fat F¬†in the homemaking category. I¬†did some research and even started a Pinterest board filled with Freezer Meal ideas. Ultimately, I want to plan another freezer meal cooking session, so I’m looking for yummy freezer-friendly recipes. It’s so nice to just pull a meal from the freezer and not have to cook! But in April, I’m directing my homemaking goals elsewhere.


Prepare for Teach Them Diligently convention.

Research curriculum for next year.

Last month I attended the TTD convention in Nashville where I heard some amazing speakers, received tons of encouragement as a mom, a homeschool teacher, and a Christian, and even purchased most of my curriculum for next year at a reduced price. If you ever have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it! I will share in a future post our first grade curriculum.


Prepare for a local consignment sale.

I decided not to do this sale this year because we are just so busy. Hopefully, I can try to do it next year.


Exercise 3 days a week.

Our family hasn’t made it to the gym as often as we’d like, usually we go about 2 days a week right now, but we’re slowly working our way back–as my energy levels increase–to three days a week. I’ve quit running and taken up cycling and weight lifting instead. I’m loving it too. My arm muscles are looking toned, and I’m cycling about 7 miles in 30 minutes.

Find new seasonal produce recipes.

I love cooking with seasonal foods. If you aren’t already, you should follow my Spring Seasonal Recipes¬†on Pinterest where I have nearly 100 healthy recipes perfect for spring. Plus, here are two of my own:

Professional {Work/Blog}

Write daily.

Create blog topics for the month and begin writing.

I have done very little writing this month, and while my blog editorial calendar is full, I have not felt motivated to write. I’m praying that if it is the Lord’s will, I will have some inspiration (and time) to write more in April.


Read daily.

Yes! I finally finished Austen’s¬†Mansfield Park and have started reading several new books including¬†Persuasion,¬†Fit to Burst, and Pocketful of Pinecones.

Host a play date at my house. 


April Goals

Being a little more realistic this month–especially since we’re already 2 weeks in!–here are my goals plus a free¬†April Monthly Goals Printable¬†for you!

April 2014 goals

How are you coming with your goals for 2014? Have you accomplished any yet? I would love to hear!



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  1. I’ve been able to loose 7 lbs this year! Though I think I’ve lost some inches since neighbor’s and the 5yo are all noticing my flatter belly. Hubby and I are spending more dedicated time together and neither of us have forgotten to say our rosary daily yet this year. I’m reading, crafting, and cleaning more which has given me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. All in all I’m saying that this year is working out wonderfully for me (even if finances aren’t “right” yet and I am still searching for a part time job to fill in some blanks).
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