Goal-Setting for Your Homeschool Year {FREE Printable}

Homeschool Goal-Setting: 7 Tips to Help You Create Goals for Your Child's Homeschool Year

After reading Tonia’s post on setting goals for 1st grade, I realized this was something I really need to do right now, especially since we are nearly finished with our kindergarten year.

Since my daughter will start 1st grade work in the next few months, I really need to set some goals for her. Last year my goals were primarily academic, but my priorities have shifted as the Lord has laid on my heart that the foundation of my child’s education must be God & His Word.

So my goals for the upcoming school year are not by subject–although yours certainly might be–but by these specific areas:

  • Spiritual Maturity/Character (cultivating a heart for the Lord, regular prayer & Bible time, character development)
  • Bible Knowledge & {Scripture} Memorization
  • Academics
  • Physical Fitness/Health
  • Life Skills
  • Special Skills/Handicrafts


If you’re interested, here’s a link to the printable goals chart for your school year.

While I’m still working on my own goals, I do want to offer some practical tips to help you as you create your own.

7 Tips for Making Your Own Homeschool Goals

(1) Take it to the Lord.

Planning a new homeschooling year shouldn’t be a burden; it shouldn’t incite fear, dread, or anxiety. Seek the Lord as you make plans for a new year. Maybe the Lord is leading you to work on specific character issues in your child. Maybe there are subjects that you’ve felt were necessary but that He does not want you to worry about this year. Maybe your child still doesn’t know her Bible stories. Take it to the Lord!

More of Him, less of me

(2) Involve your husband.


Remember also to consult your spouse as you plan your homeschool year. While homeschooling may be primarily a mother’s undertaking, fathers should be consulted because their thoughts and opinions are of the utmost importance. Don’t leave your husband out of the planning process. Involve him. Let him share his goals. My husband is more visionary than I am, so he helps me to see the bigger picture and plan we have for our children.

(3) Consider your season.

We will be adding a new baby to our family this summer, and there are other changes going on in our family, all of which will affect our homeschool goals. Consider your own situation. Will you be experiencing any big changes during the year? A move? New job? Adoption? Ministry involvement? Give yourself grace; don’t create so many goals that you lose heart when you can’t accomplish them. Goals are simply a road map to keep you on the right track. Make your goals work for you.

(4) Consider your family’s priorities.

Our family mission statement revolves around service, integrity, and hard work. Yes, that sounds like a company’s motto, but those values are important to us and therefore should be a part of the goals we set for our homeschool. If we want to teach her children to be servants, then we must give them opportunities to serve.

What are your family’s priorities? 

What values do you want to teach your kids? 

Make sure to incorporate them into your goals for the year.

(5) Think outside the box.

Are there special skills you want your children to have that aren’t included in a typical curriculum? Maybe to teach them how to bake bread or sew a button, change a tire or balance a checkbook? Life skills are just as important as academic skills. 

Also, consider special skills you want to expose your children to like dance, photography, pottery, jewelry-making, horticulture, cake decorating, etc. Consider your child’s age, maturity level, interests, and skill set, and set a few goals to make him a more well-rounded person.

(6) Look at your child’s natural gifts.


Your child may have a bent that the Lord can use for His kingdom. For example, if your child excels at baking, create goals to help her cultivate those gifts even further.

(7) Write them down. 

I can come up with goals all day long, but unless I put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, they don’t become concrete to me. Write your goals down and keep them visible throughout your school year — on a bulletin board, in your homeschool binder or homemaking notebook, wherever you will see them. Seeing them will keep you accountable.

Now that you have some ideas for creating goals for your child, start praying. Even if you’re only halfway through your school year, it’s never too early to think about your goals.

Do you create goals for each school year? Are there any other areas or tips you’d include?


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  1. I love how you mentioned involving your husband with homeschooling and the importance of being aware of the season you are in. We sat down in September last year and posted our goals for each of us on the fridge!
    Morgan recently posted…Home OfficeMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! My kids are all under school age, but I’m building a pinboard to refer to once I start homeschooling! Definitely adding this!
    Julie recently posted…Disney on Ice presents Let’s Celebrate {Review}My Profile

  3. This post was so helpful! Though we don’t homeschool year round, my mind is very full of thoughts and ideas for the upcoming school year, and this post inspired me!
    Patty recently posted…Defined by graceMy Profile

    • Yea! I’m glad. I love making plans for school and writing them down is the only way for me to remember them. Best of luck with your homeschool year!

  4. I have many goals and many changes happening in our homeschool this year. With one beginning ‘middle school’ and one about to be a junior, there are plenty of goals to achieve. I can’t believe with this close to finishing homeschool forever.
    Michelle Cannon recently posted…4 Reasons You Should Attend Great Homeschool Conventions in CaliforniaMy Profile

  5. Thanks for this! I start teaching Kindergarten with my oldest this fall and I could use all the help I can get!!

  6. My oldest is also getting ready to start first grade homeschool. I think the goal setting is a WONDERFUL idea. All your tips were right on par! Thank you!
    Allison recently posted…FREE Copywork Printable: 180 School Days of Literary & Inspirational QuotesMy Profile


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