Cultivating Faithfulness in Your Walk with God

Cultivating Faithfulness in Your Walk with God: 5 Tips to Help You | Growing in His Glory

Today, I’m guest posting for my sweet blogging friend Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker in her excellent series “Cultivating Faithfulness” where I’m sharing how we can grow in faithfulness to God in our own daily walks. Here’s a little snippet:

I’m a goal-setter. Every year I make 6-8 personal goals that I break down in to more manageable monthly, weekly, even daily goals to work towards throughout the year. Creating goals is simple; carrying out and actually achieving success in your goals requires serious discipline and determination. But when you accomplish your goal, there is no greater feeling.

If you want to cultivate greater faithfulness in your walk with God, then, just like in goal-setting, you must be intentional in your efforts. Transformation comes from God working inside you, but you have an active role to play too! Spiritual growth will only come when you submit your life to Christ, trust in His power to work in and through you, and allow Him to lead your life.

Come by and see my 5 suggestions for encouraging growth in faithfulness in your own walk with the Lord!




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