Create Memories with these Gift Ideas for Children

CreateMemoriesCollageAs a child, my fondest gifts were those that involved either one or both of my parents. Perhaps that was because my love language was quality time, but I have vivid memories of attending a New Kids on the Block concert for my 10th birthday {yeah, I know} , of going to many Atlanta Braves baseball games, of trips out-of-state, and seeing plays like Cats, Les Miserables, and The Lion King on Broadway, all with my family.

Even simple experiences like going fishing or playing softball and soccer with my dad are memories that I will cling to forever. I want to pass down opportunities like the ones my parents gave me to my children, so they, too, will make sweet memories.

If you’re searching for a gift for the child who has everything, then consider a memory-making gift. You can be as simple or elaborate, as cheap or extravagant, as you want. I’ve offered some suggestions of Places to Go and Things to Do plus some related tangible gift ideas and book titles to accompany and enhance each experience because kids still like to have something to open on Christmas Day. Create memories with these gift ideas.


Places to Go

Things to Do

Another option: Sign your child up for a new sport he or she has been wanting to play. My daughter really wants to do gymnastics, so for Christmas, we’re giving her a leotard and a book about gymnastics. Plus, I’ve made her a certificate for free gymnastics lessons. Our hope is that this experience will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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As I said before, you don’t have to purchase the extra gifts and books I’ve recommended; those are merely suggestions to introduce the child to wherever he/she may be going, answer any questions, allay any fears, and get them excited about their new experience.

But the truth is that the fun is spending time with you. Wherever you take them, whatever you do, the time spent together creating memories is what your children will cherish forever.

Merry Christmas, friends!




This is my final post in my series “Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Children.” Thanks for joining me! I hope you have found some creative, frugal, and fun presents for your little ones. In case you missed them, here are the other posts in this series:


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