Decompress This Christmas: It’s OK. Really.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m glad it’s Christmas time. And not for the obvious reasons either. No, for me, Christmas is about decompression. It’s the hiatus from Bible studies and regular appointments, the break from school and other activities that you’re just.about.burned.out.from.

The Christmas holiday is that small window of time when you can be at home (or not) just because. You have nowhere you have to be. The kids (and Mama) can sleep in, stay in their pajamas, eat breakfast at 10:00, watch movies and make crafts all day long, and no one feels neglected, guilty, or rushed to be anywhere.

IMG_1170Obviously, I’m an introvert, but don’t extroverts long for that break too? Just a few weeks’ break from the hustle and bustle of daily living? Just a little respite from the outside world’s clutches?

Maybe it’s just me. Either way, I’m as eager as a nerdy school girl shopping back-to-school sales for that little taste of solitude. No phone calls. No articles to write. No lesson plans to create and organize, no troop meeting or Bible study to prepare for. Just the peace & quiet–even among three squealing little girls–of being home with no agenda.

IMG_1167Yes, we will still be busy. BUT the time is ours to use in our own way–creating memories through spiritually uplifting & family-building activities like:

  • baking & icing sugar cookies
  • doing Truth in the Tinsel
  • creating gingerbread houses & eating gobs of candy
  • make hand print ornaments
  • snuggling up and reading Christmas books like Madeline’s Christmas & Christmas in the Barn
  • singing Christmas carols & dancing around the house
  • making chocolate-dipped pretzels & fudge for sweet friends
  • reenacting the nativity story
  • catching up with family we rarely see
  • making Christmas crafts
  • driving around & looking at lights
  • read “The Christmas Story” over & over again
  • making hot chocolate
  • watching Christmas movies, and
  • just being together. At home. Just us. No other agenda.

I sound antisocial & isolating, I know, but right now,  I’m in need of some serious decompression time.

Give me a few weeks of low-to-no-stress living, and I’m going to miss those commitments and the people involved in them. In 3 weeks (or less), I’m going to, once again, crave structure and strict bedtimes, regular appointments and intellectual stimulation. Planning lessons for school, writing freelance posts, & preparing for Bible study will be like a balm to my weary, isolated, aching-for-community-once-again, Mama’s heart.

But for now, I’m ready to de-stress, decompress, & watch White Christmas. Again.

We all need a time to rest and recharge to better appreciate the blessings God has placed before us in our journey through this life. What better time to get refreshed than at Christmas, when we remember our Savior’s entry into this world and how, through Him alone, we have hope of salvation.

Ahhhhhh….there’s no greater rest than the rest we find in Him.

Friends, rest in the comfort of His arms this Christmas. Slow down and enjoy the break from your regular commitments. Be present with your children. Keep in touch with friends. Rest. Relax. Savor this season. Say “no” when you can and just be still. The new year is just around the corner and there will be more than enough to do when it arrives.

I’m praying God’s richest blessings on you this Christmas–whether you need to decompress or not,


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  1. I completely agree with you and was just thinking this while washing dishes after schooling and lunch and cooking…how I’m glad I only have to prepare for one more week of school and then we get a break. To do whatever we want! 🙂 I also just wrote a post about stopping and actually listening to the words of our favorite Christmas songs. You know, kind of along the lines of what you’re saying–slow down and savor what this time of year really is. Reflect and relax. Great post. Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • I think we need those breaks every now and then. I know I do, and I really think my kids do too. Just to slow down and relax. I really like that song at the end of your post, and when my kids wake up from their nap, I’m going to play it for them too. You’re right. Those carols we sing, they’re made to be sung loud because we are rejoicing the birth of our Savior. What’s greater than that?! Bless you, sweet friend!

  2. So true! I’m already enjoying some of that break as our commitments have slowed down. It’s been nice!
    Gabrielle recently posted…Ruining ChristmasMy Profile

  3. That’s what I’m looking forward to when we go to my family’s after Christmas. No commitments or obligations. It will all be fun and making memories that we want to make.

  4. I’m an introvert too, so I totally understand what you’re talking about! During my Christmas break I’m looking forward to watching movies, reading a book, and just being!
    Tshanina @ Thrifty T’s Treasures recently posted…Learning A Valuable Lesson From A Children’s MovieMy Profile

  5. I hope you enjoy your decompression! We have a 10 month old so everything’s still the same over here – I’m not very scheduled out (my husband is though!). I do enjoy trying to focus more on Christ this season and being more intentional. Next year I’d like to get done with everything earlier so I can relax!
    Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker recently posted…Do Not Despise Small BeginningsMy Profile


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