My Goals for 2010

1. Be in the Word and in prayer with God daily. Daniel and I plan to start each day together reading the Bible; I bought Gary Chapman’s The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional as a starting place. I am also in two other amazing studies (1 in Revelation, the other in I Corinthians) and want to devote more time to studying, listening and learning about the Lord and His plans for me.

2. Find opportunities to serve others. One aspect of my own life that needs work is in my service to others outside my family. There are numerous widows/widowers and shut-ins at my church and many in our community who need to experience God’s love firsthand. What else are we called to do but to serve?

3. Exercise more. In December we slacked off on our daily walks at the park but have started back and plan to walk for at least 45 minutes every Monday through Saturday.

4. Eat better. More whole foods (whole grains, whole veggies and whole fruits) and less sugar. No more nitrites, MSG, or other fillers and artificial sweeteners. I want to instill healthy eating habits in Kate, and Daniel and I both need to watch our fat and sodium intake to keep our weight, cholesterol and blood pressure in check.

5. Read & write more. Take time every day to read, even if for just a few minutes, but ideally for an hour. Write: in my journal, on my blog, wherever. Just write!

6. Save more money & stick to our budget. We want to pay cash for land so we can build one day, and to realize that dream we need to be frugal with our income. My goal is to keep the grocery budget under $250 a month. We are currently debt-free and want to stay this way for as long as possible! This month we will be taking the “Eat from the Pantry Challenge” in an effort to clean out our freezer, fridge, and cabinets, creatively use what we have on hand rather than run to the grocery store, save money, decrease spending, and eliminate wastefulness. If all goes well, we may repeat this challenge several times throughout the year.

7. Find teachable moments with Kate. Of course we have been reading together since before she was born—although Kate does not like to sit still for very long—but I want to focus more on letters, numbers, Bible stories, art and music. Kids are sponges and I want to get that little brain of hers thinking and learning!

8. Clean, clean, clean! I love to cook but honestly I hate cleaning, and our house needs a major overhaul. I plan to focus on one room at a time to thoroughly clean and de-clutter.

9. Enjoy life. Spend more time together as a family. Love my husband and daughter, laugh, have fun, and not worry so much. Kate is growing so fast, and I don’t want to miss a moment!

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