The Birth Story of Abigail Lynn


Let me preface this post by stating the obvious: the birth of a baby is a messy affair. This post is not for the squeamish or weak-hearted; however, if you’d like to read a birth story with adventure and excitement, continue. You will not be disappointed.   Wednesday, 6:30 a.m. I awoke to a strong […]

5 Lessons I Learned My First Year Homeschooling


Earlier this week I shared 5 lessons I learned in my first year homeschooling over at MamaGab. Here’s an excerpt: Looking back over our first year, I see many lessons I’ve learned about myself, my children, and our approach to homeschooling. Like all aspects of our lives, we can choose to learn from those lessons […]

A Baby Update + My Favorite Childbirth Books


I’ve officially hit my due date and then some, and, alas, no baby. I know she’ll be here soon: I’ve been having contractions fairly consistently since 2:00 this afternoon, and I’ve got that crampy feeling that accompanies the onset of labor. So, we shall see. This afternoon I debated whether or not to put together a meal […]

Our Charlotte Mason/Classical 1st Grade Reading List

1st grade reading list

As I mentioned in this post about our revised 1st grade curriculum, the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling is playing a major role in how we’re learning this year. In particular, we’re reading lots of living books. What is a living book? Simply put, a “living book” is a book that makes the subject come alive. Think […]

What to Do When You’re Weak Yet Full of Pride


One of my biggest struggles is with pride. Pride shows itself in my (attempts at) perfectionism, and when it’s not contained, I feel invincible: I don’t need God or anyone to help me. I can do my work — and God’s work for me — on my own. I’ve got it all figured out, or […]

8/24/14 Weekly Meal Plan + Goals

Weekly Meal Plan

Well, Thursday of this week is my “due date.” I’m always a little reluctant to use that term since the baby will come whenever she’s ready, but considering all three of our girls have arrived within 2-4 days of my due date, I’m thinking Baby A will be here this week. The meals we have […]

How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids


I’m a book nerd. Reading is my favorite pastime and slowly my girls are also claiming it as their own. One way to encourage healthy reading habits in children, I’ve learned, is to let your child see you reading. Even though you may have many (or even all of your) books on an electronic device, […]

Homeschooling 1st Grade: Our {Revised} Curriculum


Back in May I shared our curriculum choices for 1st grade and Preschool/Pre-K. {This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy.} We have been schooling since June 1st, and in that time, I have discovered two things. Some of our new curriculum wasn’t working, notably our history and science. But also, I felt like something was […]

8/17/14 Weekly Meal Plan + Goals

photo credit

38 weeks! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing by!! I’m getting excited to meet this new baby although I admit that I’m a bit nervous about what our “new normal” is going to look like. I’ve never been good with change, and every time we’ve added a new baby to the mix, the […]

8/10/14 Weekly Meal Plan & Goals

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Well, the blog has been silent for awhile, and I apologize. No, I haven’t had the baby, but life has been full and any extra time I’ve had lately has been spent resting. At 37 weeks, there ain’t a whole lot of energy in this old Mama, so I’m trying to be careful in how I […]