Accountability Found in Faith Sisters {Guest Post}


I’m very happy to share this post from my blogging friend Marissa of Rays of Grace & Joy for our series “Finishing with Success in 2014.” She introduces a wonderful idea that will help us grow in our walks with the Lord through accountability with other Christian women.  When it comes to setting goals, I […]

Goals: What I’m Aiming for in April

April Goals: What I'm Aiming for This Month |

This post may include affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details. You may or may not have noticed my absence lately on the blog. With homeschooling, chasing after three little girls, running a household, growing a new baby, and a myriad other responsibilities, life is full. I’ve decided to stop hosting the monthly goals […]

What’s in Season: April Produce

April Seasonal Produce |

My wonderful Dad turned up our garden last month, and I’m eagerly awaiting warm weather so we can plant. So far, we’ve sown seeds of frost-resistant veggies like lettuce, peas, spinach, and broccoli. I think I waited too late to plant my broccoli but oh well. The chart above lists what’s in season, that is, […]

Spinach Strawberry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

with Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette | Growing in His

Spring has finally sprung here in Tennessee, and with all the daffodils blooming and everything turning green, I’ve been craving salads. The March produce has been bountiful (and cheap!), so I just had to share with you one of my favorite spring salads. There’s just something about the combination of sweet (from the strawberries) and […]

Goal-Setting for Your Homeschool Year {FREE Printable}

Homeschool Goal-Setting: 7 Tips to Help You Create Goals for Your Child's Homeschool Year

After reading Tonia’s post on setting goals for 1st grade, I realized this was something I really need to do right now, especially since we are nearly finished with our kindergarten year. Since my daughter will start 1st grade work in the next few months, I really need to set some goals for her. Last […]

Homeschooling Kindergarten (Day 100): Lessons Learned, Challenges, Future Plans

Homeschooling Kindergarten: Lessons Learned Along the Way (Day 100) | Growing in His

We recently celebrated our 100th day of school! If you started in August, then you may be thinking, “Really?! We’ve already surpassed 100 days a long time ago.”  First trimester ills and a little S.A.D. hit us hard recently. Plus, we only “school” 4 days a week at this early stage in the homeschooling game. […]

Goal-Setting to Keep Moving in a Positive Direction & a Link-Up

Setting Goals to Keep Moving in a Positive Direction ||

I’m very pleased to welcome my sweet blogging friend Morgan of Morganize with Me, for March’s guest post in the series “Finishing with Success in 2014.” Last year was a year of transition for our family. (We moved overseas to a surfer’s paradise in Europe.) Many times when I am going through a major transition […]

8 Tips to Help You Survive the 1st Trimester

8 Tips to Survive the First Trimester when being pregnant isn't easy

Note: I am not a medical professional. I am merely stating my personal opinion. If you have concerns or questions, you should seek professional medical attention. I’ve only just entered into the “blissful” state of the second trimester, and since the challenges of those first 14 weeks are still very fresh in my mind, I […]

Roasted Broccoli: A Kid-Approved, Seasonal Recipe

Roasted Broccoli Recipe: Kid-Approved, Quick & Easy || Growing in His

Recently, I posted on how we’re trying to incorporate more seasonal produce into our meal plans to improve our diet and save money. This month broccoli is on sale and in season, and at $0.99 a bunch, we’re consuming a lot of this green antioxidant-rich veggie in our house. Most kids will eat broccoli smothered in cheese […]

Cultivating Faithfulness in Your Walk with God

Cultivating Faithfulness in Your Walk with God: 5 Tips to Help You | Growing in His Glory

Today, I’m guest posting for my sweet blogging friend Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker in her excellent series “Cultivating Faithfulness” where I’m sharing how we can grow in faithfulness to God in our own daily walks. Here’s a little snippet: I’m a goal-setter. Every year I make 6-8 personal goals that I break down in to more […]